Jul 072023

ATTENTION Reporters, Media Companies & Casting Agencies

If you are from the press/media and want to join this site to interview it’s members – DON’T!

If you are from a casting agency and want to join this site to recruit it’s members for “reality” programs – DON’T!

If you would like this sites owner/admin to review a book, dvd etc – email [email protected]

If the people on this site wanted to talk to the press, they would approach the press. Respect their privacy! Media spammers will be reported, IP addresses will be recorded and they will be BANNED!

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ATTENTION Press, Media, Casting Agencies – READ THIS!

  1. AMEN! Thank You for protecting our privacy & the integrity of our safety! AWESOME! I left an abuser over 8 years ago, and I have come to value freedom, safety, safe-havens and being boldly wise about protecting myself & others from predators. I was once in the entertainment industry, but left it years ago..and left most all groups I was associated to, giving my life completely to the LORD… So I understand and know what predatory vultures there are within the that industry, exploiting innocent people at their expense, caring more about money than life or souls! I am so against that and so for protecting LIFE. Amen! <3 Love & Respect Always, Abagail

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