Apr 152024

Its no secret that things are getting dicey in the world. Its important to be prepared and not afraid. Some believe they can do it alone, others feel more can be done in a group. Personally I feel the lone wolf is more of a disadvantage, but that’s up to the individual to decide. Its piece of mind in event of some sort of SHTF event. Send an email If you are looking to get involved in an active well established MAG (Mutual Assistance Group), with likeminded law abiding people. We are a group that is made up of  People with all types of skills and backgrounds. From Combat Vets, Mechanics, Nurses, Business owners, Police Officers etc., we all bring something to the table. We are located in Northern and Central Illinois.

   Examples of training we do monthly:

  • Survival/bushcraft
  • Medical
  • Comms
  • Prepping
  • Safe Firearm handling (all done in a safe legal manner, on private property

We are NOT a radical group and have ZERO tolerance for any of the sort. We do not base the group on Race or religion. If you meet our requirements, then you are welcomed.


  • Must be 21 or over, family’s welcome.
  • Must be an IL resident
  • No felonies or Protective orders etc.
  • Must have a valid FOID
  • CCW permit preferred, but not required
  • Must go through a vetting process
  • Must be willing to be active at least once a month
  • Must have some sort of skills you bring to the group.
  • Must have some sort of gear

Send us an email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you right away.

Mar 012024

Hello everyone!

Life has a way of throwing you some curve balls.  In 2019 I had several tossed at me.  Divorce, job change and relocation from Wyoming to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Things have worked out and I have a wonderful wife and a new location I call home.  My wife and I left our network in Wyoming and now we are looking to build a new one.  My wife and I are both veterans and she served in combat in Afghanistan.  Looking forward to making new friends.  Just say hello.

Feb 192024

I am looking for a family that worships and prays to God alone. A family that would be willing to teach how to be preppers, self reliant, a benefit to others and learn more survival skills.

I want to learn more survival skills. Is there a class or family willing to teach?

Feb 162024

Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but I believe there will be a shtf situation and I want to be prepared. I know I can’t do things alone, so looking for a community/group in Orange County that I can join/be a part of and work together during a shtf time.


Please email me at [email protected]


Even if you aren’t part of a larger community, let’s build one. 🙂

Jan 072024


In case you haven’t checked the PAGES menu on the left of the site, there are now several articles here (written by me) on prepping.

Comments have been left open on these articles, so if you have any questions or would like to comment on them, I’ll reply as soon as is practical.

Here are a few quick links – use the PAGES menu to read the rest. 🙂

There are now dozens of my articles listed in the pages menu.
All feedback is welcome.

R. Ann Parris on Seeking Out Other Preppers

R. Ann Parris on The Do’s & Don’ts of Internet Contacts

R. Ann Parris on Writing A Good Contact Post

R. Ann Parris on Important Docs & Info Backups

Dec 302023

Alabama Militia has been stable for several years, and is expanding our group. Most of us are in North and Central Alabama, but we have abilities to assist and grow other areas of the state. We are not just a Militia, we have Preppers, Homesteaders (PrepSteaders), and are starting a CERT Team in our group to be able to assist in emergencies and disasters. We focus on training for all of these areas of instruction. We are a family and community oriented group, and if you dont feel that you would fit in the Militia, then join as a PrepSteader or CERT. All of our information is posted on our website and feel free to contact us via our website if you have questions or are interested in learning about us. Our PrepSteader group is outstanding and has a lot of knowledge and skills to pass on.


Dec 292023

Hello, I have an off grid property in Le Flore County and I am looking to either start or join a prepping community in the area.  I am a USMC veteran and I am older.  I am looking to learn from others.  I am updating the property by constructing a shop and increasing the size of my cabin.  I have a goal of self sufficiency and do have food storage and medical supplies.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Thank you

Dec 052023

I am seeking another single or couple to share resources at my home in Upstate NY for growing and preserving  food, building community, energy efficiency and sustainable living. I have a quonset hut for additional living quarters available or space for a tiny house or yurt.

Nov 142023

A new group is forming in Northeastern Oregon. An area that is rather invisible to the rest of the prepper community.

Group is named North Eastern OregonPreppers.  Their website has not gone active but will soon.  NEOregonPreppers.net

Looking for members in the area as well as affiliation with existing groups.  You know stronger nets have more ties.

Nov 082023

Republican government, moral people to be around, kids, gardens, chickens, self reliant living . Montana.

I think we will have major changes by march that will be a real problem for families that are not already where they need to be.

We all have something to contribute as well as different skills and abilities. Say hello at [email protected]   Montana is a good place with low population density, easy homeschooling, decent values and low restrictions on firearms.

Looking for others either already here or wanting to get out of the woke cities. We have some resources to make things happen right now ….

Do your own reasearch on the millions of illegal aliens coming in across the southern USA border. Almost all males of military age. If you are in or close to the 14 major cites they are being bused and flown to……..it is time to relocate.

Ready for a cyber attack any day now?  It is getting real people.


 Posted by at 6:54 pm
Nov 082023

Really Simple,

Connect with fellow minded prepper’s, who would like to exchange ideas, skills, learn, discuss, and who are sane. We can meet in a public place, coffee shop, etc. As a hard and fast rule, for me, those who hate America, want to just shoot stuff, take and not give, liar, cheat or steal, DO NOT EVEN RESPOND. Stay clear. Learning about prepping, which is mainstream today, is NOT about starting a Militia, if you want that, join the Army. Why prep? Well besides our government suggesting it, as it will protect our nation in the long run, it is just really smart to do it. Every single person is a prepper. Don’t believe it? Then cancel all your life insurance policies, savings accounts, and just keep one day’s worth of food in your cupboards.

Sep 082023

I am seeking contact with owners of active radio repeaters in the North Texas, primarily located in Kaufman, VanZandt and Hunt Counties. I and few others are using GMRS capable radios and would like to improve our communication ability using local repeaters. If you have a repeater or know of someone who has an active repeater in these counties, please share there contact information.  You can email me: [email protected]



Jul 252023

I bought a small farm last Aug and have cows, goats, pigs and chickens, pantry full of food, prep gear of all sorts, as well as great facilities on my place. what I don’t have is a network of like minded people. At 59, I’m in good shape and have very stong spirit, character and determination, but am shy on prepper/survivalist knowledge and experience. At 5’1” and 115 lbs, SOME of the heavy lifting is difficult for me as well.

I love God, my family and this country. I’m hoping to connect with like minded folks in NW OK with whom I might network.

I really would like to set up aquaponics but feel like it’s more of an undertaking than I’m able to without any knowledge. I’ve purchased 2 10×10 grow tents and everything needed including heirloom seeds, to grow VEGGIES (NOT MJ) year-round. I will be setting them up in my 30×50 shop.

Thanks, V

Jul 122023

Currently networking with folks who:

a) want preparedness to be a core part of their lifestyle (even if just starting out),

b) may not fit the stereotypical “prepper” molds, and want to find people of shared interests/values,

c) would like to build a tribe not just for emergencies but also for friendship and fellowship,

d) are sheepdogs at heart, meaning they have a heart of service to provide support/value to others, and

e) stay organized and intentional enough to make it happen.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

I already have a group going, but I’d like to expand my network. I’ve noticed in the preparedness community that there are a lot of us around who are interested in networking, but who may not fit the old-world-conservative, ultra-religious mindsets of many preppers who exclude people based on race, sexuality, religion or lack thereof. On the other side, the leftist, woke mindsets of many communes and homesteaders also exclude us if we support 2A, live as more traditionally masculine men or feminine women, vote Trump, or disagree with drag story hours for kids.

Is it possible that we can build a tribe of people who are rational, compassionate folks who just want to avoid being caught without a shotgun and extra food during the zombie apocalypse? Is it realistic to believe that we could build an organized group of family and friends who can come together for a good ol’ Sunday brunch but also bug-out to our homestead retreat after a coronal mass ejection? Is it reasonable to think that there are thoughtful, organized people out there who will take ownership for their own preparedness and survival and put in the work to build a group, but who will also have a heck of a lot of fun as we get ready for a supervolcano to erupt?

To be clear, we are: inviting of all racial/ethnic backgrounds; LGBT-welcoming; open to singles and to folks in traditional or non-traditional family structures; and friendly to people of all ages. Politically, we range from center-right to center-left, libertarians to classic liberals, and moderates. Spiritually, we each have some sort of spiritual life or sense of meaning, and a mission to something greater than ourselves, while being neither restrictively fundamentalist nor irrationally new age. Also: must like dogs.

Most importantly, we all share a sense of service and compassion, and we want to support our ability to help others by first helping ourselves and making sure we are prepared for any emergencies we may face as individuals and together as a tribe.

Shoot me a message (send a new message to Phoenix23 here on PrepperGroups by going to https://www.preppergroups.com/private-messaging/) if you’d like to chat and hear more, so that you can do some vetting and so we can too, and I’m looking forward to hearing from y’all.

Jun 222023


My name is Jake. I’m from and live in Chicago. I’m looking for preppers that live in Chicago and the suburbs around it. Right now the possibility of nuclear war is too risky not to prepare for the worst. We can work together to be a group that’s connection of preppers that can work together and make each other stronger.

my email is [email protected]. Please feel free to contact me. Let’s work together and become successful together.