Jul 252023

I bought a small farm last Aug and have cows, goats, pigs and chickens, pantry full of food, prep gear of all sorts, as well as great facilities on my place. what I don’t have is a network of like minded people. At 59, I’m in good shape and have very stong spirit, character and determination, but am shy on prepper/survivalist knowledge and experience. At 5’1” and 115 lbs, SOME of the heavy lifting is difficult for me as well.

I love God, my family and this country. I’m hoping to connect with like minded folks in NW OK with whom I might network.

I really would like to set up aquaponics but feel like it’s more of an undertaking than I’m able to without any knowledge. I’ve purchased 2 10×10 grow tents and everything needed including heirloom seeds, to grow VEGGIES (NOT MJ) year-round. I will be setting them up in my 30×50 shop.

Thanks, V

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  1. Howdy!

    I’ve been off and on this site for 6yrs or so. Lots of fellow like minded individuals. Just wondering if you found anyone locally to network with? I’m not local, I travel for work and currently am in Pennsylvania and heading south soon before the winter.
    But I do enjoy chatting with other “like minded individuals” whenever possible. So if you ever just want to bounce ideas, thoughts, or concerns about our lifestyle choice, I’m always just an email away.
    Stay Safe!
    Good luck on your search,

  2. I am in NE Oklahoma.