Jul 122023

Currently networking with folks who:

a) want preparedness to be a core part of their lifestyle (even if just starting out),

b) may not fit the stereotypical “prepper” molds, and want to find people of shared interests/values,

c) would like to build a tribe not just for emergencies but also for friendship and fellowship,

d) are sheepdogs at heart, meaning they have a heart of service to provide support/value to others, and

e) stay organized and intentional enough to make it happen.

Yeah, that’s a lot.

I already have a group going, but I’d like to expand my network. I’ve noticed in the preparedness community that there are a lot of us around who are interested in networking, but who may not fit the old-world-conservative, ultra-religious mindsets of many preppers who exclude people based on race, sexuality, religion or lack thereof. On the other side, the leftist, woke mindsets of many communes and homesteaders also exclude us if we support 2A, live as more traditionally masculine men or feminine women, vote Trump, or disagree with drag story hours for kids.

Is it possible that we can build a tribe of people who are rational, compassionate folks who just want to avoid being caught without a shotgun and extra food during the zombie apocalypse? Is it realistic to believe that we could build an organized group of family and friends who can come together for a good ol’ Sunday brunch but also bug-out to our homestead retreat after a coronal mass ejection? Is it reasonable to think that there are thoughtful, organized people out there who will take ownership for their own preparedness and survival and put in the work to build a group, but who will also have a heck of a lot of fun as we get ready for a supervolcano to erupt?

To be clear, we are: inviting of all racial/ethnic backgrounds; LGBT-welcoming; open to singles and to folks in traditional or non-traditional family structures; and friendly to people of all ages. Politically, we range from center-right to center-left, libertarians to classic liberals, and moderates. Spiritually, we each have some sort of spiritual life or sense of meaning, and a mission to something greater than ourselves, while being neither restrictively fundamentalist nor irrationally new age. Also: must like dogs.

Most importantly, we all share a sense of service and compassion, and we want to support our ability to help others by first helping ourselves and making sure we are prepared for any emergencies we may face as individuals and together as a tribe.

Shoot me a message (send a new message to Phoenix23 here on PrepperGroups by going to https://www.preppergroups.com/private-messaging/) if you’d like to chat and hear more, so that you can do some vetting and so we can too, and I’m looking forward to hearing from y’all.

  9 Responses to “Building a Tribe in Georgia (Atlanta, NW GA areas)”

  1. Interesting ideas and a good direction to go as far as a group . Just checking in from montana where we are settled in.
    I will give you a heads up if the local super volcano goes off in the next few thousand years.
    Some of my so
    urces only give us till the end of this year before things fall down.

    • Montana sounds like a good place to settle. Definitely keep me in the loop about the supervolcano. It’s going to blow, I know it. Any century now…

      Always looking to network with the like-minded even if not local. I will likely end up having to travel a bit for work and would be great to build a network of like-minded folks from all over. Come say hey if you’re over in the southeast.

  2. Hi! We’re getting out of NY and looking for a place to land.
    We already have our eye on NW Georgia got some family there, but hoping
    for clearer objective. Too many unknowns and shooting in the dark so far.

    Saw your post and the type of vibe you are looking for.
    I think we’re pretty copacetic to all of that so would like some more info if you
    can provide it. My main interests are locality (main towns in your vicinity) the number of tribesmembers, requirements of membership, if there are any. We’re looking to buy a residence very soon with cash. So I am hoping we can get some
    solid leads quickly. I’d be happy to get back to you with more about us,
    Just wanting to break the ice. Thanks for the info. -Alan

    BTW We are dog and cat lovers. my wife is very allergic however, so we
    had to settle for a small terrier, who became family quickly.

    • Pushing through allergies for your dog? That’s dedication… much respect. Lots of great opportunities and locations if you come on down to this area, especially if you have fam nearby. I’ll send you PM here to chat more.

  3. Sent this in DM also

  4. Hey brother,
    I’m know I’m late to the party on this post but I would definitely be interested in a conversation. My family and I are in NW GA, scouring the market everyday for land to start our own little homestead. Would love to gather with some like minded people.

  5. I am trying to start a community prepping group in Atlanta that meets regularly to exchange ideas, as well as work together to prepare and make plans for when the SHTF.

  6. Any status updates here?