Aug 062017

We are in Alabama, We are looking for like minded pepper’s . Experienced or beginners who would be interested in joining a group. One who has been prepping for many years now fearing mostly a economic collapse, because of our national debt and the possible collapse of the dollar. We have also prepped for other problems as well. We are looking for like minded pepper’s who would possible wish to join us in forming a larger and more efficient group. We are wanting to push farther with our prepping. We have an extensive prepping set up already. We are wanting to put it over the top and become totally self reliable, renewable, and self sustaining. We have much to offer ones willing to work with us as a team. We also understand their is security in numbers. If you may be looking for a new home, a group to join or even a bug out location we hope to hear from you…

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Mar 022017

Seeking like minded individuals or families looking to join a group of preppers. Off grid location already established with infrastructure including running water and sanitation facilities in place. Large property in rural area with many natural resources available. Medical, engineering, and military skills are a plus. Limiting group size to 20-25 core members. Come grow with us and get your SHTF insurance in place.

Jan 052017

Looking to correspond with others about gardening,and ways to be prepared at a low cost. I can provide mechanical insight to mechanical issues. I am ASE certified I hold A&P ratings I also am well versed in landscape and garden equipment repairs self taught welder and fabricator.

Dec 292016

Good day to all, thanks to John and Rebecca for caring enough to keep this place up and running. What to say? Well I’m female, 40s, single, no children, close with my immediate family. I’ve traveled a bit of the world and a bit of our country, solo. I have amassed materials, education, a library, some EMS, grew up in the mountains with bees, livestock, gardens and hunting. Have skills more traditionally associated with men as well as a vast array of women’s abilities. My family thinks I’m a nutter but I’d rather be called loony and not starve to death or worse, than to live in oblivion. I’m not a social butterfly but I do have social skills. I wasn’t alone in this until 5 years ago when my father was unexpectedly killed. I own a modest plot of untouched land in NE GA, I have the skills to get the homestead up and running on my own. I just don’t have 4 of me to make it happen. So I am very much hoping that I can meet some others who have been preparing on their own and hoping to run into others like themselves, like me. With out divulging too much, while I live in GA, the closest town in South Carolina is Madison. Please contact me if you have any interest at all. I am looking for people who are serious and have been preparing themselves as well. If you’re interested in sharing ideas or putting together a potential group of like minded and willing people feel free to contact me.Thanks and have a great day.

Dec 272016

Do ever wonder if a group of men woman and children could gather and be what the apostles were in Acts 2:42-47? Our Father told us to watch and prepare but how can we prepare if we are so attached to a world system that is bound to fall and all those who are part of it. Soon; it will be time to live as they lived whether we like it or not.

So lets come together now and explore what Father would do in us and through us as we prepare for the Tribulation that will try the world.

Our vision is to not only prepare but to build an ark for those who will come when it hits. The fatherless, the poor, those mislead by false doctrines all could be helped. I know someone is going to say we need to be careful letting someone in once it hits but my GOD is able and will help us. With that said if you would like to help us get there then contact me soon.

We need all the help we can get!


Dec 082016

We are a family of 5, three humans, 1 hunting dog and 1 Labrador Retriever.
We have lived off grid as a test for over a year.
We have and know solar power very well.
We know wind power, we know hydro power.
We can grow organic food anytime of year and we know how to keep our soil producing year after year.
We have raised organic chickens that produced the best eggs on earth.
We are looking to meet people we can trust, that we can develope life-long relationships with, so when the shit does hit the fan our strength in numbers will help us prevail.
If we cannot find a community already set up, we have no problem finding a good piece of land to set one up for the right people.
The Louisville area, the North Georgia mountains, Tennessee mountains or North Carolina mountains are our preferred areas if we find we need to buy land again.

Please feel free to reach out to us, we are new to this website as of 12-08-2016, and we are looking forward to meeting safe, sane and like-minded people that absolutely refuse to not survive whatever happens.

The Kale Couple

Dec 062016

Looking for like minded people in the Taccoa/Carnesville area. Like to develope Idea’s, share talents and lines of communication,for preparedness / bussiness / networking . Wife and I are in our mid 50’s and I am a Have a Plan type person. Look forward to hearing from you all.

Nov 092016

Hi everyone,

I’m a new member but have been prepping for about 2 years. Currently living in a suburb outside of Atlanta but looking to move an hour or so outside the city. Currently looking in the Jefferson, Athens, Watkinsville, Commerce, Winterville, Madison area.

Would like to connect with fellow preppers, to meet you, possibly create or join an existing group.

Please understand the need for caution/discretion. I don’t know you, you don’t know me but I’m certain we’re going to need all the friends we can get when the SHTF.

I have much to offer (We can discuss that later), I’m currently interested in alternative energy (primarily solar), HAM radio/Long distance emergency communications, farming/cultivating, and OPSEC. Well armed but need real world training on home and perimeter defense.

These things are the things I’m focused on but regardless of your skill set, I would like to connect. EVERYONE has something to offer.

Again, OPSEC is the key for me, I don’t care if you can skin a buck with a pocket comb, if you can’t keep things confidential, please move along.

Thanks, I look forward to meeting others who see the obvious writing on the wall. For the moment we’re “Fanatics”, soon we’ll be Geniuses.


Nov 062016

Hello Ladies and Gents

I would like to thank so many people from this site for all the contacts and conversations we ,My son and I received we have been offline and off grid for a while. With time and a little patience this site has gained us a friend who we teamed up with and a group that we three are now members of and we all live together in our own places. We my son and I have been in groups for long term stays as we have said before in our other post [ Get us if you can ]… We do not know what happened but we were not able to get into our post or back on the site with our old profile. But we are back and we ask each of our friends who have contacted us to get back in touch you know who you are lol…As I was saying it is hard to wade through so many people and groups and find the real deals as most of us very well know, however after many months of looking for the right people and so many contacts even friends,, we made a choice and we could not be more happy with the real and down to earth people we have found.. For op sec reasons I will not be giving a list of we got this and we got that …

Now if you are looking for a group to bond with to become friends and maybe extended family we may be what you are looking for .. If you are real, , honest,,  true to yourself and others you may fit..  we are not a religious group we have many people with many different points of view and we respect each other and each others points of view…  We are open to all good people contact us by e mail if we like what we see and hear we will move to phone person to person talks and get to know each other.. we love ex mil alpha dogs and those who have a prepping and security mindset..  If you have skillsets you bring to the table and you wish for safety in likeminded numbers we may be your kind of crazy lol
findingfreedom1900 [at] gmail [dot] com

Oct 242016

My husband and I have recently moved to S Ga and are wanting to meet/chat, train, exchange ideas,  and possibly set up good rapport with surrounding groups for possible trade in the future. It’s been hard finding folks who live/enjoy the prepper  life style, so I’m thankful to find this site. we have only been practicing for a little over two years,  but my husband has been reading up on most of the skills for the past four years. Im in the medical field and he’s ex-military. We are both in our thirties with 2 children.  Our family are very laid back and easy going. We love to be outside, and we enjoy learning/teaching new skills and experiences. If you’d like to strike up a conversation, We can be reached by email at valentinarlopez [at] gmail [dot] com. Hope to hear from you soon.

Oct 232016

I am on the line between Central and South Ga. S. of Macon.  Everyone keeps telling me I am a prepper.  I tell them I just live a different life style.  I live in the country and we (family) built most of our house.  When I wired it I used 2ea 100Amp lighting panels instead of just one 200Amp panel.  Then one panel I wired all of my critical loads.  The power for this panel came thru a 100A DPDT knife switch so I could use a generator.  Since I installed solar, it now comes in thru the switch and the generator won’t run due to neglect.  I wanted solar when I built the house but could not afford it in 1989.  I did however install a solar water heater and radiant heating.  I installed a water tank in the wood stove and ran the hot water to heaters with fans.  Later I put PEX tubing under the floor and used aluminum plates to distribute the heat into the floor.  I tell everyone I use a solar clothes dryer as we never have owned a real clothes dryer.  I get the funny look and then tell them it is a clothes line like my grandmother used to use.  I have 3 vegetable gardens, 2 freezers and my mothers 1952 canner (pressure cooker).  We can.  So now everyone tells me I am a prepper.

Sep 092016

I am looking for a prepper group in my area in Georgia.  I have been trying to do this alone since noone in my family or friends believe this is actually necessary.  I know that SHTF will happen soon.  I really would love to join with some like minded individuals that are near me.  I have a vehicle and a list of supplies already downloaded that I will need.  Please help if you can.  I have already spent tons of money on information to prep….so I wont spend more money in that area.

Sep 072016

Hello. I am in the northern part of Gwinnett County, Georgia. My wife and I are moderately experienced preppers (would never characterize myself as an expert, but far from new to the game either) who are seeking like-minded, geographically compatible folks to meet with, exchange information and ideas, and, after trust is established and bona fides are vetted, consider banding together as a prepper group for purposes of training together, pooling resources for bulk purchases of food/gear/ammunition/etc., continued sharing of intel and information, and mutual defense and aid in the event of an SHTF/WROL/TEOTWAWKI type of event. With the direction things seem to be moving rapidly in, we think this is a prudent move.

I am 46, a “retired” firefighter/paramedic, with additional years of experience in emergency management. Not wanting to share too much at this point. If you are interested in this concept, please respond. We can discuss this further and consider meeting in person at a neutral location to see if it might be a good fit.


Aug 292016

I’m a newbie at this.  My background is urban life, military (USMC), electronics technician, and electrician.  Looking forward to great conversations I can learn from.


Aug 292016

Developing a Christian community and a nuclear bomb shelter (three-quarters
complete) for a totally self-sufficient community in mountains. This is a
gorgeous location nestled in between the mountains with good view of the road.

We seek mechanics, physicists, truckers with own truck, plumbers, electricians,
concrete construction personnel, chemists, welders,emergency medicine specialists,
nurses, aquaponic farmers. We have dozens of water storage containers from 55
gallon to 2000 gallon,running water stream, tractor, SurvivalStill, concrete mixer,
NBC air filtration system, deep cycle batteries, solar panels,wind turbine,goats,
ducks,chickens,turkeys,aquaponic and hydroponic systems, grow lights,non-GMO seeds,
etc. and expertise but need more of same and preferably someone with at least
$10-$20K capital. We are buying more land on top of the mountain. You can,too,
if you want. There are 8 structures on site. No, it’s not a condo complex !

We seek interns for Survival Training. You will learn how to make tools and
weapons,identify trees and edible plants,growing vegetables and nuclear
survival preparedness. We teach how to set up solar systems,wind turbines,
micro-hydro electricity generators,solar furnaces,bicycle electricity battery
rechargers. We provide room and 2 meals a day for 1 week.

Need backhoe and diesel truck ! Please contact me with resume,amount of capital and be ready to
move quickly. This is a team effort;no one person runs everything,but there is a Christian leader.
Please PM me if interested.

Contact willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

America Will Be Invaded from Seven Simultaneous Directions-
The Red Dawn Phase Is Ready to Commence :
Look at “The Best Evidence for Planet Nibiru”
and “Planet Nibiru Updates December 2015”
and “EMP attack by North Korea or Russia” and “TX68 atseroid” on YouTube.

Our backgrounds include Military: Navy,Marines,Army, fire fighter
and TSA security,emergency medicine/ nursing ,IT & Aerospace,
electrical-concrete-plumbing-construction, missionaries,entrepreneurs,
automotive & business owners,so we all have great leadership and
organizational skills… but are not authoritarian,bossy types. We many
times use consultative decision-making.. We each can lead, teach,
follow or get out of the way as appropriate,and we want others with
the same cooperative Christian attitudes.

We have experience & skills in transportation,water treatment, RVs,
nursing and medical care, solar and wind turbines, site planning,
carpentry, woodworking, electrical,electronics,raising chickens,ducks,
goats and rabbits,plumbing, mechanical and repair skills, gardening,
fishing, hunting (both gun and bow),cleaning & tanning hides,identifying
trees and plants,herbal medicine, operating chain saws & farm equipment,
and one member is a former TSA screener with a Military Intelligence/aerospace
background who owns a drone and infrared security system… a huge security
asset for us! Two of the women are artists and make multimedia art and furniture.
Contact either dietoselfhal at g mail dot com or
willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

Aug 222016

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Hi ladies and gentlemen. I’m currently wondering if any of you would like to start a group or a family to help one another out. Everyone has their own skill set to contribute to the team. I would like to know simple things about you if you decide that you want this. For example, How old are you?, Do you have a wife or kids?, And what can you contribute to a group?. I have a feeling this could be something great if we get the right people. Send me an E Mail if you would like to talk. Chillman34 [at] yahoo [dot] com

Aug 212016

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Hello everyone I am from the Savannah, Ga area and I am looking for someone to help me learn more about prepping and living off grid as I plan on becoming a homesteader eventually.

I’m being as honest as I can be here and sorry if I’m not as advanced as some would like but I truly believe that I am a prepper/homesteader.

I have been hoping to come across others in my area to hopefully start a prepper group where we would get together and help one another on the things we need help with. Whether its helping with land prep, building, what have you. I want to learn as much as possible so when I am able to move off grid myself, I will have the skills necessary to do so.
I am willing to help others as much as possible with anything you may need help on, I just ask for you to teach me what you know and I’ll be more than happy to teach you anything I may know that you don’t!

A little bit about me…..I’m an AVID camper (tent camping is my type of camping), I love cooking on an open fire, I love hunting and fishing, and I’m very convinced that I belong out in the wild, living off the land and working hard to make a life for myself out there that I WILL make it a reality eventually!!

If there is anyone out there in this area, please contact me and lets see what we can do!!

Jul 092016

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hi I am new to the site and am looking for a small group or to start one…I’m studying bushcraft and other survival skills I have some preps ready and I’m working on others ..I am willing to give drug test and background check if needed

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Jul 032016

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Hi there, I’m a prepper that’s in the military. I’m new to the website and looking for preppers in savannah Georgia.  Ill be stationed in Fort Stewart in February. I’m looking for individuals who are preppers that can contribute to a group. If you’re interested in talking about what can happen in the area let me know. If we have similar ideals then id like to see if you would be interested in a group and coming up with plans. What can you do to help out basically is what I’m looking for.

There is multiple scenarios that can happen in savannah that id like to bring up. and we can discuss our interests together to develop a plan.

Jun 162016

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Hey everybody my name is Lucas, I live in the Woodstock/ Roswell area  and I recently ended my time in the military as a medic in the 101st airborne. In order to be prepared you have to be ready for anything including serious injury. I would love to give individuals or families combat life saver classes/ first aid classes so that in an emergency, you would have some basic knowledge on how to effectively treat trauma injuries. If you would be interested in something like that to have in your arsenal of knowledge shoot me an email. Lucasurrea93(at)gmail(dot)com

Jun 142016

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Hey all…my wife and I are looking to start a prepper group in the Cleveland, GA area. We’ve started prepping within the past year and are looking for like-minded people to meet once a month to discuss anything prepping-related (bug out bags, food and water storage, gardening, etc.). If you’re interested, let me know and I’d love to hear more about you. My email is saltydog1661 [at] gmail [dot] com. Look forward to hearing from yall!

Jun 132016

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I’m in my late twenties, married, and have a few skills under my belt such as electrical, etc. Looking for some stable minded people to link up with and perhaps learn some things and even share info.  I’m a person that is in very much control of ones life and not frayed on the hinges and can separate preparedness from all consuming version of it. I’m aware of practical preparedness and been doing enough studies to not be swayed by all the junk out there. I can be reached at benteam2021 [at] yahoo [dot] com I’m looking for people in the blue ridge area or north of Gwinnett

Jun 062016

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40’s couple, prepared and with skills, looking for a remote bug out location & group.  Been looking at remote properties but realize can no more defend land alone than defend suburban home alone.

Would love something within 2-4 hours of Chattanooga.

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Mar 262016

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Hey Guys & Gals,

TruPrep is inviting you guys in Georgia out to our annual party on April 9th from 1100-1500. Our location is 1000 Cobb Parkway N, Marietta GA 30062.

We will have lots of vendors, giveaways and food will be available at the event.

Contact us at 678. 667.2715 and ask for Wes.



Jan 052016

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Hello all, I’m relatively new to prepping and wanted to see if there was a group of like minded individuals in the Albany area. My family and a few other friends have expressed interest in starting a group down here if there isn’t already one established, so if there is anyone else in southwest Georgia area feel free to comment on this post or message me so we can talk.

Dec 262015

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Hello fellow preppers. Me & my wife have been preppering for the last 4 years. About a year ago we decided to start up a prepping group because numbers will be stronger when SHTF. So far the group is growing. We are looking for Like minded preppers who are serious & are willing to train. If you want to be apart of a group of like minded individuals who will survive then contact me at [email protected](dot)com

If your new to prepping don’t worry, we will welcome anyone who is Like minded. Just know that this is a group of individuals who are moving forward with our preppering & training so make sure that your willing to participate. We don’t want to waste our time or yours. With everything going on in the world we don’t believe that we have anytime to waste. For all my veteran preppers we hope to hear from you soon.

Dec 122015

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Greetings!  Looking for folks in the Dawson, Hall, and/or Forsyth County, Georgia area. 68 years young, 1967-1968 Viet Nam, Infantry, 23 years as a Poolice Officer, (2 o’s), retired Special Education Teacher, (policing was easier…), living on lake with Maggie, The Wonder Puppy.  Interests include surviving, (high priority), firearms, motorcycles, and my books.  Bugging out is not an option, and I’m anxious to learn whatever skills and knowledge I can. I don’t know how to contact others, but I’d sure like to meet folks.  I carry car insurance, so don’t see “prepping” as an extreme thing.  I’m not out to fight the govt., but would like to meet others involved in maximizing our chances of surviving ANY event.  Was Region 3 coordinator for Ga. Oath Keepers, until today.  Rhetoric will not likely benefit me in a crunch.  They have good ideas, but ideas w/o action produce little.  I think we have a responsibility to support our Police, Military, Fire and EMS personnel, and, most importantly, our community. I can’t do that alone…….

Nov 202015

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Where are the real preppers at?
I have been looking for several years now for a group of people how actually know what is happening and can clearly see what is coming down the pike and are preparing for it.
I have looked in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and several other states and all I am able to find are people who are half stepping and not taking this seriously.
I come with everything I need to be self sustaining while at the same time able to contribute to the group as a whole. This includes my own housing materials, food supplies (this includes an excellent supply of seeds), medical supplies, tools and so on, which means I am not a burden or drain on other people, and given the right conditions I can produce as much as 80% of everything I need and have enough left over to trade for the 20% I cannot produce and even share with others who may need what I have.
I have no time for this hippie garbage of community because that attitude will allow others to take what you have because you will not be prepared to defend what you have.
I am not some kind of gung-ho crazy looking for a fight but I do want to be with people who will stand and defend what is theirs (this includes our country and our Constitution).
I am a hard core constitutionalists with a deeply profound love of country and would like very much to connect with and join with a group of like minded people who are truly preparing for a coming collapse and all that comes with it.
I am currently in Georgia but would consider other areas if there is some way to move my equipment and supplies (I do not drive so any move would require your assistance).
If you have the land and are interested in adding to your numbers an excellent asset with many skills you can contact me at dancingwithpoi(at)yahoo(dot)com.
I know the warnings of using personal email addresses and such but that is not a concern of mine. I would prefer direct contact which will save time and hassle.

Nov 022015

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New to prepping and ready to start learning. Also, looking for prepper groups to communicate with. Anyone from North Florida or South Georgia? Or any Multi State prepping groups?

Oct 282015

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Stepping out in Faith.

Being in Ministry it is at time hard to conform to what one and or others think is proper actions for a reverend in today’s world is. We like to touch base with others of Faith in West Pasco and or near by community’s. [1] God is first then our family.[2] Yes we are and continue to be preparing for what is to be end times [3] I am and we are each a PPP (pistol packing preacher) fowling the Bible fist and then the 1st & 2nd amendments. So we are judged by many that are firm for that and they do not understand what more can I say.

We would like to hear from you and see who is out in the community and join with others  Please drop us a note

Have a Blessed day

Aug 182015

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I am looking for a homesteader/prepper/exmilitary/non-felone to help me in Commerce, GA.  If you want to steal, you are to late.  You will be left alone to develop five acres for prepping/sustainablility.  It will be a tenant/landlord relationship for legal reasons and there will be a lease of $25/month and/or utilities.  Well-water.  Chickens/rabbits/edibiles all over.  I cannot work and maintain this.  5 acres most of which is woods.  Background check will apply.  Drug test will apply.