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I am 26, my wife is 25. We are both Navy veterans and have served in over 16 countries. I started my adult life in the Sheet Metal Union and became a certified welder in Mig and Arc and have great metal fabrication skills. I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant for about 6 years as well. I possess construction skills and am very strong and in great shape and am a very hard dedicated worker. At the age of 19 I joined the Navy where I specialized as a Jet engine mechanic. I progressed quickly within 4 years to E-5 do to my skills. I have been a mechanic and am great with my hands since I was 14. I can fix anything from a diese/gasl engines to jet/turbine engine configurations. I have advanced skills in overhauling gearbox systems and hydraulic systems as well. I am currently attending college to become an RN with a BSN. I hunt, camp, and fish and cook very well. I can build fires well. I am very proficient with a compass and can triangulate my location on a map just about anywhere. My sense of direction and high-stress decision making skills are extremely high. I am a very cool, calculated, strategic person. My wife was a dental assistant, also Navy jet propulsion system mechanic and has decent skills in the trade. She has the gift of being extremely organized and can itemize anything and will work hard at anything with others. We are both great team members and leaders. She is attending college to become a Dental Hygienist. She is beginning to get into gardening and long term food storage. We are seeking like minded prepper's to network with. We are currently working in becoming A.N.T.S. and want to create a network of people that can all bring different usable skills to the table. We are looking for a off-grid chunk of land to build a large cabin on and homestead and co-exist with other families on this land. I say again: We are looking to buy off-grid land to create a cohesive colony of people. When we buy land we would like to have several homes on the land and all help eachother build and become a successful, self-sustaining community. We plan to operate as our own security protecting our colony, we have many firearms and are stockpiling ammo in .223, .308 win, 7.62x39, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. We are beginning to stock up on dry food stores as well. We have highly modified 4x4 vehicles to get through any terrain, and a large diesel truck for long heavy hauls. This way there will be no "bug out" plan. We will simply live off-grid while maintaining strength in numbers, creating new networks with other A.N.T.S colonies. Contact me if you can bring something to the table, I'd love to meet.
I am a mad prepper but just can't do anything in Perth it's to rocky and it's all nature reserve I'm excited to share my knowledge with my prepper community
A Southern family that moved to Mexico because I wanted to be able to support and protect my family from what I believe is to come. I felt like I had no control over my on life and wanted a change. I made a choice if I had to feed my family during a hard time where would be the best place, warm weather, crops grow year round, water near for fishing and plenty of hunting. I chose this place, my alternative option is cold weather, hard winters no fruits, vegetables and harder to fish and hunt.
soon to retire nurse looking for community of preppers to be part of,2 green thumbs,clean,healthy and very active,usually quiet,clever and problem solver,I have a calming effect on most people,level headed in crisis and I am trustworthy, gardener, butcher,baker and hope to be soap maker. I have canned every kind of food,fruit,meat,and veggies, successfully and enjoy it. I have hunting/protection tools and can do both and a wealth of knowledgeto share.
Oregon High Desert Couple with retreat surrounded by public land. We are about self reliance, simple living, preparedness and being good neighbors. We don't think the NWO is going to parachute onto the place, that Obama is the antichrist, that simply owning a gun is all you need to do to be ready. If you are a christian, great, but I don't want to hear about it every other sentence. If you think a quiet life in a place where you can raise your own food, mind your own business and count on the neighbors is a good idea then please get in touch.
6 years Navy 15 Small Business Homeschool Dad Pastor
Mother of three, hospitality professional, member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, semi-rural prepper.
live in Owasso, work in Aerospace industry, Biker, gunner, prepper!
gday all , Rob here in sunny australia , i am a amateur radio operator , a keen biker and a mad Prepper , my ACMA call sign is VK2LOZ , Im on Facebook …. I'm a bit out spoken so don't get upset if you look ,, if you want to friend just message and put prepper in the message , Regards Robert
Prepper newbie. Willing to learn. My faith, family and country are the most important things in my life. To borrow a line from Andrew Wilkow, individual patriot first, conservative second and reluctant republican third.
Very concerned citizen who loves the country I grew up in but is becoming very afraid of my government.
Riverside CA.
Former Marine, retired police officer, married 35 years 3 grown children. living in SE Texas just east of Houston. believe there is strength in numbers if all are on the same page. only two familys now but looking for like minded conservative types to make our group stronger
Prior military in combat MOS. Deployed several times. Currently in medical school.
55 year old prepper seeking other preppers
I speak Portuguese and Spanish, ( interpreter.) I am a First Aid/CPR/AeD instructor for Red Cross, I volunteer for Red Cross, NLSC (National Language Service Corps.) I am a good cook and can make great meals out of left overs. I can also cook Brazilian/Latin american cuisine. I love people and I am great at negotiations and making deals.
Greetings preppers! I'm very excited to see so many people that share in the same thoughts and opinions. I just started looking around online about preparedness and survival, only to be amazed at this large group of people that are awake! I have been prepping, thinking ahead, and learning new survival skill sets since I was young. To me it is a way of life, and a hobby. I live in Ontario, I have a beautiful family that consists of my fiance, our two children, myself, and my best friend (our dog). I look forward to sharing ideas with you all, and I'm sure that I will gain a world of knowledge. Keep preppin', and I wish you all peace and good times!
former military and emergency preparedness and bio terrorism director. Practice bushcrafting on a regular basis. Like to spend a lot of time in the woods practicing self reliance.
Father/fireman/paramedic/Christian/outdoorsman looking for a group of preppers.
im in nw ark looking to join a prepper group or colony i have a military background and have survived in the seirra nevada mts and alaska one for 7 years the other for three away from people i believe im qualified but it can be easier with like minded people
I am in what could be called the lower NE portion of the state of Georgia, somewhere between Athens and Augusta. I have a small parcel of land that if worked correctly could support as many as 6 people full time, and allow for some exchange/trade/barter with neighbors and even networking with others within a limited distance. I am interested in connecting with those who are fully employed, who wish to remain in their current situation while investing (financially and with labor) in what will be their retreat if and when the time comes to make that move. This land is not large enough to support numerous houses but can accommodate a few campers within a limited size. We are intentionally trying to keep this small so as not to arouse a lot of attention (quiet discretion is of utmost importance). Interested parties can reply to this post or email me directly at [email protected]
I'm 64 and disabled. On oxygen. But not out. Lived in Colo. Springs for 31 years. My wife & I are from Minneasota. We have 2 homes , 1 in town, 1 in Park co. I will make sure my family is prepared, as best we can do. We are pretty well prepped. But I wan't to learn more. especially the Tesla free energy. With Respect 1steagle
I am the first Villager @ the Village on Sewanee Creek. I moved to rural Tennessee in early 2006 to find peace and more meaning, a confident lifestyle. I guess you could say I was a corporate dropout. For about 30 years I roamed the world, establishing some of America’s best known retail brands. From Bangkok to Beijing, Tokyo to Tel Aviv, Manila to Mexico City. I was International President of Dunkin’ Donuts, Baskin Robbins and Papa John’s and developed 7-Eleven, Blockbuster and IHOP. I ran operations with over 2,600 stores in over 60 countries. I paid my dues and was well paid in return. The money was good, but the most valuable pay I received was in experience, not the corporate kind. My travels made it possible to observe life and cultures from the board room to the kitchen prep room. I trained black guys in Apartheid South Africa and Indian serfs in Kuwait to make Pizza in the mid 80′s. I ate “exotic” meats in primitive villages outside Manila and Seoul that might make you gag. I also dined at the some of finest restaurants in Tokyo, Paris, Dubai and São Paulo, sometimes with billionaires. In the end, I confirmed the truth that possessions will own you. Freedom is in you. Henry David Thoreau was right. I searched for my own Walden’s Pond and launched myself into an advanced self-education course, majoring in true economy. I wanted to become self-sufficient. I wanted to live deliberately, in control of my life, making a difference for others. Thankfully, I was blessed with a patient, understanding and supportive wife and children who were also ready for change. We purchased about 750 acres on Tennessee’s Cumberland Plateau, downsized our house from 5,000 to 1,400 square feet and began learning how to really live, applying what I had learned in my world travels and climbing a steep new learning curve. This BLOG chronicles some of my thoughts and experiences in the rural wilderness of Tennessee. I have come to love my new life. It has not been easy. Just as I launched into building my ideal community the real estate market cratered followed a year later by the whole economy. But ironically, the deeper the recession, the more people were interested in what we are doing. They are the cream of America. Strong willed, independent, accomplished freedom lovers. Yet they are not hippies, hermits or vigilantes. They just want to live a vibrant life with others who care and can enrich their lives with diverse perspectives and talents. My friendships are deeper. I am healthier and stronger. My family is closer and wiser. We work hard. We are self-sufficient for water, food and energy. We experiment a lot and constantly discover how little we know. And we have fun.
25 years Martial Arts | 10 years Scouting | Information Technology Analyst | Jack of all trades kind of guy | handy with any kind of tool, weapon, firearm | outside of the box thinker | outdoorsman… backpacking, camping | Prepping for three years (slowly) Been ramping up my efforts as of late.
we are looking for all around helpful people to provide security and daily living neccesity's after the S goes down whether its december 21st or a global meltdown there after.
I am a member of the WoA ( Watchmen of America ) I am the NCO for the WoNY ( Watchmen of New York ) I have several years experience in working / operating in the outdoors in different climates. I am a prepper / survivalist and have been for several years.
I know a little of everything, and much more on computer repair, alternative energy, farming, gold refining and then some. Why spoil it all here. Talk to me and get to know I what I have to offer a group.
Former military . Prep. for a uncertain tomorrow.
I have been believing in societies collapse as inevitable since I was 16 ( 1984) and have always tried to learn skills to increase my knowledge base towards greater independance from "the system" ever since. I have been a carpenter for 20+ years. I weld (structural), blacksmith , garden, hike, hunt, and generally spend time with my family around our small Vermont town. Presently trying to start a permaculture farm in our village for reasons of community and food resilience. Contact welcome
I am 53 years old I owned & operated a custom stone company for 25 years hands on. I have always loved the outdoors camping, fishing & 4 wheeling I'm a kind hearted creative down to earth working machine haven't slowed down a bit working14hrs a day 7 days a week in custom stone, tile & landscape design for so many years I stayed in shape I also love to cook and have done volunteer work a few days a month helping senior citizens with remodel upgrades 10 months ago I had to move to Prescott Valley to care for my Mother 83yrs old after breaking her leg a few yrs ago she started going down hill and having trouble functioning nothing on this earth is more important than giving her love, security, dignity & the best quality of life possible with the destruction of our country unfolding all around us so very few even realize what's happening people are like programmed robots living in a fairy tail world. I sure hope to connect with with some like minded civil human beings that can help us connect with an off grid group or help us find our own place we have several Weapons, lots of Ammo, 3 Year Supply Food, 3 large Gas Generators + 2-Wen 2,000 inverter Generators, 2- Yeti 400's, I love to work in all types of home construction. that would really benefit a group. or Offering $1,000 finders fee for an off Grid Home in Northern AZ. 900 to 2,000sf. -at least 1 acre. $90,000 to 250,000 doesn't matter if it only has main structure completed will also donate $1,000 to an off grid secure group in that area that we could join. Please call Michelle Hoffman at 480-848-2990 I hope this is within rules to post
We are just now beginning to put the pieces together and bring what has been lingering in our minds into reality; so i suppose you could call us noobs. We hope to find advice, a sturdy foundation of knowledge and possibly even local friendship. With limited resources, we are very interested in the diy side of it all.
Work in Dallas, in Tampa, FL... Seeking like minded individuals/small groups who are proactively preparing themselves and/or family... Please feel open to email me at 6point8ar Gmail......
GOD & Country! Ret Military.
Denton County
40 yr old male.. Former Marine, Police Officer and Swat operator. New to this but have been prepping for a couple of months and looking to meet others who are doing the same. Have a lot to learn and a lot to give. Looking to meet the same and learn more.
Springfield, IL Area
Upstate NY.
Hello, I am a 30+ year Firefighter/ paramedic and police officer, now owner of 3rd Millennium Survival, teaching basic and primitive Survival, Bushcraft and wilderness living skills. Qualified expert in fire, retired criminal investigator in Fires bombings and explosions with the Ohio State Fire Marshal's Investigations Bureau.
Just another mom trying to take care of her family
Radio techie - Communications are key, for when cellphones & texting will be lost.
Moving off grid to So OR. Establishing a homestead/family safety area on 20 acres. Looking for other prepers in the Bly area. Interests: Organic growing, sustainability, self defence, emf sensitivity, Autism Spectrum Disorders, cooking, animal husbandry, etc. I am an artist, mom, unschooler, free thinker & Christian.
I am a 20year old mother of one, most of my friends think I'm crazy for wanting to prep for the end but I'd much rather be safe than sorry I don't know much about prepping but I'm young and willing to learn I don't know if I bring any particular skill set but I'm smart hard working and willing to do anything to protect my family I live in central jersey and I'm looking to meet like minded people to start a prepping group with, gather supplies, and have monthly meetings and drills
god fearing gun toated american confused, where does survival start god stop. new to this that is why seeking someone in mo.
Married with two children
Hi, I am a 45 year old professional, single guy, who lives on 5 acres in Snohomish. I enjoy nature and want to be more self sufficiant through gardening, aquaponics, and living a lifestyle that is grassroots and is more about community than chasing the almighty $. I am very middle of the road and mellow. I am not anti anything or pro anything except pro common sense. I believe that everyone has the right to their beliefs and to pursue happiness so long as it does not infringe upon the right of others to do the same. I have been prepping for a couple of years by adding a little of this and that everytime I do my grocery shopping (It adds up amazingly quick). If a disaster struck, I would first and foremost try to help any of my fellow citizens with food and medical care. I think the people who's first instinct is to barracade themselves in with a gun should rethink that and maybe do a little reading about crime rates after superstorm Sandy and how they plummetted or how much "crime" took place in the stadium after Katrina when thousands were stranded in one building...almost zero, I am not anti-gun and yes I have guns but I think community, trust,truth, and integrity will be the new currency if and when the pyrimid house of cards our current financial and consumption based society collapses...or more likely if mother earth sends us the way of the dinasaurs via climate change. I am looking to exchange ideas and start a small group who can help me with the aquaponics and gardening since I work full time and the weekends just aren't long enough to do it all yourself....just please no zealots, racist, anti-government, or "the end is near" folks...remember life is for living and the glass is half full not half empty
West By God. Montani Semper Libre! There are those of us that know we won't make it. It is incumbent upon us to help the rest. We are the 4th Triage.
My wife is an RN (25 years) I'm a licensed barber and currently sales manager of a franchise auto dealership here in San Antonio.
49 yr old male. Ex Military (Army), Trained as Chemical Operations Specialist. Served as an Instructor at the 5th Inf Division Chemical School and NBC NCO for various units in Germany and the US. Graduated First in class both 10 & 20 courses in Edgewood, MD and Ft. Mc Cellan, AL. I am also firearms enthusiast and an amateur gunsmith. Currently reside in North Eastern Mississippi and looking to find other like minded people who are preparing for our dubious future.
Married and have 5 grown children. We are both retired RNs and live in south west Iowa. We have a small 20 a. place outside of a small rural town.
Looking for preppers in the Colorado Springs area interested in meeting, sharing information and techniques, fellowship, and possibly forming a group.
I'm retired and new to prepping. I live in Hamilton, Ont.. Not used to talking about myself but open to talking or online chats.
easy going guy who likes to be prepaired. Would like to form a prepper group in the Crawford/Richland county eara. Honest and caring guy who willing to share and learn new things, i have many skills.
Hello. 😊 I'm a new prepper that wants to connect with other preppers that live in Florida.
It's all in the Nickname and then some... Self-sufficient. Prepping means changing your way of life, not cache piling a bunch of garbage with expiration dates!
Moline Illinois
Looking to connect with local preppers from the Susquehanna valley up to northern pa.
Christian (mostly Baptist with a few others thrown in), Got saved in the military after reading a Gideons New Testament in 1974, US Army Reserve electrician, civilian electrician apprentice, love survival stuff, took the Tom Brown Basic Course, love camping and rock climbing, want to buy a small farm 10 - 40 acres for retirement and surviving TEOTWAWKI, my wife and I are looking for like minded people.
Veteran, widower (over it but not shopping), farm/ranching background: equipment, etc., VA health care, current occupation: electrical contractor - all dimensions except nuclear, level headed (stop, think, proceed), best weapon is between your ears ... your brain. In most third world countries I'd be considered a Doctor. Always reading / learning / inventing new applications for off the shelf materials and equipment.
I am a disabled combat vet. While on active duty and after active duty, I started to learn survival from many sources. My most important point in survival is The Lord God, without Him in the front you can only do so much to survive. Understanding the massive weapons at the govt disposal, I relize trust in Him is the key to life, in so many ways. The best is hiding in plane site with His covering, you won't be seen.
God, Family, Country..... Married, Semi-retired, Gunsmith, Military Contractor, Design Professional, Army Paratrooper. North Central Arizona
Husband, dad, pastor, plant supervisor, busy man, not too busy to realize something is wrong with our society....
33 male, new York city area
Christian prepper, whose confidence is in Jesus Christ, our Messiah, not in the preps, themselves. Loving life above 7,000 ft. NOT taking the jab!!!
Minnesota Newbie. S.W. MN middle aged male looking for fellow peoples who may be interested. in starting a group ...feel a bad moon rising and want to be ready.
Long time Emergency Services worker, PD,FD, EMT, Professional Removal Specialist (Dead Body Snatcher), Communications Specialist, HAM, like RV'ing. Believing in prepping for hurricanes as the shelves always empty out too fast when the time comes.
My family and I believe that our time is at hand for a major economic, natural, or civil breakdown that would be a life changing disaster for everyone. We are not end of the world fanatics, just red blooded Americans who are preparing for any tyrannical Government, natural or civil melt down. We would like to meet others who share our concerns, in the event, such an event should occur, we would like to unite and survive together ( United We Stand Divided We Fall) ......we do not wish to create any violent situation, only react to that attack, and protect our families and each other within our troop. We believe in the Right to bear arms, live free and peaceable amongst all. But we need to like minded individuals and family's. If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my children may have peace. 'Tolerance And Apathy Are The Last Virtues Of A Dying Society' - Aristotle
worked in hospitals for years, prior military combat medic, outdoors gal, hunting, tracking and worked with guides in MN and ND. will add more later. Am new here. Live in MT