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Jun 162024

As of an hour ago, your old bookmarked login won’t work.

Due to a huge increase in bot attempts to attack the site, login has been moved.

Use the login on the right of the page (under the donate button and the heading ‘Meta’).

You can then bookmark the new login location & login as usual.

Sorry for the disruption but the number of bot attacks were getting ridiculous.

Mar 262024

Interested in off grid living, self-sustainable methods, bush craft, preparedness & survival?

What: The West Virginia Off Grid Living, Survive & Thrive Expo.

When: October 3-5, 2025.  Please save this date on your calendar…plenty of time to think on it.

Where: WV State Fair Grounds, 947 Maplewood Ave, Lewisburg WV 24901.


Please note: this event has nothing to do with me, but is posted here, following an email I received notifying me of the event & I thought it might be of interest to site members.