AAAAAA – Any donations to the site gratefully received began as a single, long, scrolling page on my personal website back in the 1990’s. Preppers would email me their details and I would enter them onto the page as they came in.

These days it’s a stand-alone site where preppers from around the world create their own posts or respond to posts made by others.

The site fees, domain fees, https fees, Cloudflare security fees, WordPress plugin fees are all a drain on my personal finances (and I’m getting by on a disability pension).

Banner used to chip in, but these days ad blockers mean that there’s little to no money to be had in hosting affiliate banners on a site.

And so, here I am. Hoping that I can get some donations through PayPal. is one prepper site where racial, religious, sexual or political abuse is NOT tolerated.

If you can help keep it online, it would be most appreciated.