Getting started here


If you would like to post on this page, you need to register as a user. Once you have registered, an email will be sent to the email address you provide to let you know that your account has been activated.

Private messaging (PM’ing) is available on this site users the posters online name as the address.

This site is supported primarily through commissions from sales made through the various links on the site, the extremely rare donation and mostly by me paying out of my own pocket. So sorry for the advertisements but I need them to help ease my financial burden.

If you wish to find others in your location, look at the left-hand margin of the main page under LOCATION. As this site is mostly used by U.S. citizens, the U.S. states are the main locations listed – but country locations are also used for those situated elsewhere. If your location is not listed, I will create it when you make your first post.

The prepper forum is where all the “chatter” takes place. It’s where you talk about your preps, ask questions or just shoot the breeze. It is moderated and there are rules imposed by the moderators. These are mostly based on common sense and good manners, so few people run foul of the mods there.

The PrepperGroups site is made using ClassicPress. The prepper forum is made using Simple Machine. Both come pretty much configured out of the box and give little latitude to those who wish for ‘simpler navigation’. In that case it’s mostly a matter of “you need to be this smart to use this website”.