I am your average American who is happily married to the best lady in the world. We are both veterans and have been all over the world. I have been a law enforcement officer since 2006 and my wife is a former corrections officer. We love being in the wilderness and learning new skills. We also enjoy metal detecting, archery, shooting, rock hounding and many other things. Recently we were forced to relocate from Wyoming to Michigan's Upper Peninsula. It was work related...what can you do? We left our network and are now looking to form new connections.

Mar 012024

Hello everyone!

Life has a way of throwing you some curve balls.  In 2019 I had several tossed at me.  Divorce, job change and relocation from Wyoming to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Things have worked out and I have a wonderful wife and a new location I call home.  My wife and I left our network in Wyoming and now we are looking to build a new one.  My wife and I are both veterans and she served in combat in Afghanistan.  Looking forward to making new friends.  Just say hello.