Dec 062016


I’m looking for like minded people in the Millbrook, AL or Tri-Community area that are “Prepper/Survivalist” oriented folks.  I/we (my wife and I) are in our late 50’s and are looking for other folks with similar likes and ideals.  We are G-d, Family & Country loving people but will never beat you over the head about it.  Your ideals are just that…Yours!!  As long as we can meet on at least 2 out of 3 items, we can talk.  I must admit up front that I am much more into this than my spouse is.  I think she just humors me.  Fortunately for her, she’s never had to endure any type of survival experience. So this may be a little one sided at first.  In any case, if you live in the immediate area and are looking for other like minded people…email me at thisolewood [at] gmail [dot] com and I’ll return your email with a phone number and we can speak.

Thank you and may G-d Bless and keep us ALL…G-d Bless America

Aug 292016

Hi everyone,

We recently moved to Huntsville AL area due to a job relocation. In Florida we had a yard where we grew almost all of our fruits and vegetables, and even had two young nut trees. We enjoy the hobby of pursuing self-sustainable living, but previously we were the only ones in our neighborhood. So before we purchase a house here, we wanted to hear from the locals, if anyone is aware of a type of community or farmstead where a group of like minded people have purchased some acreage through a trust, or at least an area where people have gardens and chickens, etc. We just can’t buy into the suburban neighborhood thing but also don’t want to live rural by ourselves where we couldn’t defend what we’ve worked so hard to establish. Any thoughts?

Our approach to “prepping” is living in such a way to where you are prepared for disaster but also if things just go bad, but not disasterous, that you at least have your land you pay so dearly for, give you food in return.

I appreciate any input.



Aug 292016

Developing a Christian community and a nuclear bomb shelter (three-quarters
complete) for a totally self-sufficient community in mountains. This is a
gorgeous location nestled in between the mountains with good view of the road.

We seek mechanics, physicists, truckers with own truck, plumbers, electricians,
concrete construction personnel, chemists, welders,emergency medicine specialists,
nurses, aquaponic farmers. We have dozens of water storage containers from 55
gallon to 2000 gallon,running water stream, tractor, SurvivalStill, concrete mixer,
NBC air filtration system, deep cycle batteries, solar panels,wind turbine,goats,
ducks,chickens,turkeys,aquaponic and hydroponic systems, grow lights,non-GMO seeds,
etc. and expertise but need more of same and preferably someone with at least
$10-$20K capital. We are buying more land on top of the mountain. You can,too,
if you want. There are 8 structures on site. No, it’s not a condo complex !

We seek interns for Survival Training. You will learn how to make tools and
weapons,identify trees and edible plants,growing vegetables and nuclear
survival preparedness. We teach how to set up solar systems,wind turbines,
micro-hydro electricity generators,solar furnaces,bicycle electricity battery
rechargers. We provide room and 2 meals a day for 1 week.

Need backhoe and diesel truck ! Please contact me with resume,amount of capital and be ready to
move quickly. This is a team effort;no one person runs everything,but there is a Christian leader.
Please PM me if interested.

Contact willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

America Will Be Invaded from Seven Simultaneous Directions-
The Red Dawn Phase Is Ready to Commence :
Look at “The Best Evidence for Planet Nibiru”
and “Planet Nibiru Updates December 2015”
and “EMP attack by North Korea or Russia” and “TX68 atseroid” on YouTube.

Our backgrounds include Military: Navy,Marines,Army, fire fighter
and TSA security,emergency medicine/ nursing ,IT & Aerospace,
electrical-concrete-plumbing-construction, missionaries,entrepreneurs,
automotive & business owners,so we all have great leadership and
organizational skills… but are not authoritarian,bossy types. We many
times use consultative decision-making.. We each can lead, teach,
follow or get out of the way as appropriate,and we want others with
the same cooperative Christian attitudes.

We have experience & skills in transportation,water treatment, RVs,
nursing and medical care, solar and wind turbines, site planning,
carpentry, woodworking, electrical,electronics,raising chickens,ducks,
goats and rabbits,plumbing, mechanical and repair skills, gardening,
fishing, hunting (both gun and bow),cleaning & tanning hides,identifying
trees and plants,herbal medicine, operating chain saws & farm equipment,
and one member is a former TSA screener with a Military Intelligence/aerospace
background who owns a drone and infrared security system… a huge security
asset for us! Two of the women are artists and make multimedia art and furniture.
Contact either dietoselfhal at g mail dot com or
willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

Jun 062016

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40’s couple, prepared and with skills, looking for a remote bug out location & group.  Been looking at remote properties but realize can no more defend land alone than defend suburban home alone.

Would love something within 2-4 hours of Chattanooga.

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May 072016

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I’m Tristan from Alabama I’m 18 an looking for people around Alabama to help start a group for economy collapse survival it’s coming an I need a group so either join or help start Thanks in advance my email is hawthornetristan [at] gmail [dot] com

Apr 232016

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Looking to join a group. This has been a learning experience for me. Myself I am an 8 year veteran. My specialty was Aircraft Mechanic, but it came with a host of other experiences in which I developed other skills as well. I would expand on my other skills if you communicate with me. I have worked on joining a family which I thought were really great, Too bad communication had a falling out of things and now I have things to figure out, due to not having a plan B my agenda is to be part of a group who are ethical. I will figure it out, but the objective is to be with like minded people, prepare, learn and help with sustainability and perhaps there are people out there who wish to have someone with these qualities to be part of their group. I have experience in many areas that I can contribute to the community. Although I am not looking to be part of a militia, I do have arms and firmly believe in the 2nd amendment, so I hope you O.K with that. I am new to this point of view and the basis of preparation is information and doing what is necessary to be as prepared as possible. I have no alcohol issues or drug issues and prefer to stay away from people that do, I am not a religious fanatic, but prefer someone with spiritual common sense if such a phrase exist. I prefer honesty over political correctness which tend to speak in a language empty of details and facts. I am security conscious so I am careful, not because I am paranoid but because bad people do exist or people with no security awareness expose their vulnerabilities putting good people at risk. I currently live in the Bay area in FL, looking up in the Pensacola or lower Alabama area.  I want to thank you ahead of time for reading this post.

Jan 142016

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Husband, wife, 15 year old child, two dogs and cat living in an RV. We had a farmstead in Upstate NY but couldn’t afford to keep it. We would like to work on a farmstead of someone that would allow us to park our RV on a site with electric, water, and septic. I have strong computer skills with a Masters in Educational Technology, a Bach in Theology. Strong Faith in the Bible as God’s inflatable word. Could also help with tutoring children with my math and science skills.


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Nov 202015

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Where are the real preppers at?
I have been looking for several years now for a group of people how actually know what is happening and can clearly see what is coming down the pike and are preparing for it.
I have looked in Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and several other states and all I am able to find are people who are half stepping and not taking this seriously.
I come with everything I need to be self sustaining while at the same time able to contribute to the group as a whole. This includes my own housing materials, food supplies (this includes an excellent supply of seeds), medical supplies, tools and so on, which means I am not a burden or drain on other people, and given the right conditions I can produce as much as 80% of everything I need and have enough left over to trade for the 20% I cannot produce and even share with others who may need what I have.
I have no time for this hippie garbage of community because that attitude will allow others to take what you have because you will not be prepared to defend what you have.
I am not some kind of gung-ho crazy looking for a fight but I do want to be with people who will stand and defend what is theirs (this includes our country and our Constitution).
I am a hard core constitutionalists with a deeply profound love of country and would like very much to connect with and join with a group of like minded people who are truly preparing for a coming collapse and all that comes with it.
I am currently in Georgia but would consider other areas if there is some way to move my equipment and supplies (I do not drive so any move would require your assistance).
If you have the land and are interested in adding to your numbers an excellent asset with many skills you can contact me at dancingwithpoi(at)yahoo(dot)com.
I know the warnings of using personal email addresses and such but that is not a concern of mine. I would prefer direct contact which will save time and hassle.

Oct 282015

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Stepping out in Faith.

Being in Ministry it is at time hard to conform to what one and or others think is proper actions for a reverend in today’s world is. We like to touch base with others of Faith in West Pasco and or near by community’s. [1] God is first then our family.[2] Yes we are and continue to be preparing for what is to be end times [3] I am and we are each a PPP (pistol packing preacher) fowling the Bible fist and then the 1st & 2nd amendments. So we are judged by many that are firm for that and they do not understand what more can I say.

We would like to hear from you and see who is out in the community and join with others  Please drop us a note

Have a Blessed day

Oct 082015

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Hello, Im a 24 year old heterosexual male, located in Fresno CA. Im Fairly Familiar with prep, i have knowledge of a little bit of everything from basic camp skills to growing to natural medicine as well as distilling. Notice I said “a little bit”.ha and a wide range of other skills traits and qualities. and continue my education on such things. I am also good with my hands.

I am looking for like minded individuals who are ready to answer their calling with me. The times we live in are changing drastically, governments on the verge of collapsing as well as them shaping a world to their likeing. I believe god has been giving me knowledge and preparing for this for a long time. my hopes are to create a homestead as well as a self-sustaining lifestyle for fellow brothers in Christ as well as honest people with the same calling. To not only make friends but family and migrate existing family if desired.

Of course, within years to come. of. it will be tough in the beginning but within years time we can achieve a place that god can approve of in a failing world. My faith is in Jesus Christ. I believe that the world is changing drastically and he is choosing those to walk in his footsteps. I want to help prepare his place for his people when the time is ready.

But lets not get so far ahead of I know ive wrote much but its my first one to let you know about myself. 🙂 although there is so much to talk about if youd like to comment and suggest all your ideas and info if you would like to join or exchange information. please no trolling…. but on to more facts… 🙂

I stay in Fresno, CA but have motives to go nor-east around Oakhurst/mariposa/Yosemite area. With possiblites of going to higher elevations during the warmer seasons. I have a native friend(good friend from my hometown) with extensive knowledge as well(more than me) who will possibly join me on the journey. We do not judge or discriminate. Though we would prefer those with similar beliefs and honest humble characters. thats all for now.. I will keep an update. thank you. stay safe and God Bless.

Oct 052015

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I am not going to lie as honesty is part of my character. I am new to prepping but I’m VERY SERIOUS about getting down to buisness.  I am looking for a group and/or bug out community to join.  I may not be able to bring alot of supplies currently.  But I will do my part.  Not only do I have the basics and will acquire more asap. I have extensive experience and training in public safety related to fire/ems/emergency management. Extensive 911 street ems experience to include trauma care.  Have both basic and advanced traiNing and experience with firearms.  Basic training and experience with ham radio comms. Avid outdoorsman with experience hunting and trapping.  Raised around horses, cattle, able to ride. Experience with planting and harvesting. I do very well under stress.  Overall I can be an asset to a group that’s looking for a new dedicated member. I’m locared in alabama BUT will relocate for a rural based group.  Prefer to find a group in rural Intermountain west but will take any offer and area (except near major metropolitan areas) under consideration.  I expect to go thru vetting abd application process.  I’m very serious and hope to have replies.  Events within geopolitical affairs have made it a necessity. Can be contacted via replies, or livewildforlife [at] gmail [dot] com

Aug 142015

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older. retired ex military just moved to AL sucked into modern lifestyle now concerned about infrastructure/EMP problems in near future need contact with others to discuss and plan common sense steps for beginners like me

Aug 062015

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Tired of trying to do it all on your own.  you may be a good fit for our group .We are a nationwide prepping group made up of good people who care about each other, who take care of each other, and who prepare together. Why? Because we live in very uncertain times and it is the smart thing to do. At this time , we are 452 members strong in 43 States. If we continue to grow at this rate, we will be in all 50 States by December 2015 with more than 1,000 members. We are inviting you to join our family of preppers. We are an amazing group, you will make us better!

Our mission is to create an independent system, free of external support which would promote interdependence. In an uncertain world filled with natural disasters and worldwide terrorism, it is only reasonable for a person to seek security in the strength of a group. This system will ensure the safety and security of its members regardless of the scope, duration, or intensity of any emergency. Our mission is to develop a nationwide network of well organized, well prepared, well meaning, likeminded individuals who know, trust and care about each other. The goal of our group will be to leverage the collective skills and resources of its Members so that when the storm arrives, the weak will be safe, the hungry will be fed, and the sick will be healed. Please check out our Plan B .  If you are interested in more information please email me back and I will answer any questions you may have.  bredon1384 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jul 132015

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Looking for Preppers in the East Alabama and West Georgia area. We are a small group looking to expand. We would like to hold meetings regularly for learning opportunities as well as collaborating on group projects. So if you are in the Lee, Russell, Chambers area of Alabama or the Muscogee, Harris, Talbot, Marion, Chattahoochee Area in Georgia and would be interested let us know.

Jul 082015

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Hello fellow preppers, my name is Carlos. Me & my wife are looking to get in contact with other like minded preppers from the Florida/Alabama area. We have been prepping nearly 3 years now. We have come to terms that there is alot of things going on in the country, that we want to be prepared for anything from weather diaster to a economic collapse. We are prepared to Bugout or Bug in if needed. We want to meet other serious preppers that wants to share ideas & possibly get together. You can contact me at Carlosgutierrez92688(at) gmail (dot) com

Jul 062015

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Hello all,

First off, happy 4th of July to all American preppers!

I am a part of a small, Ohio-based prepping network that are looking to extend our membership out to the other mainland US states! (sorry Alaska/Hawaii). We are very organized in our methods of prepping and want like-minded people who can contribute, to come on board!

So some more info…

What are we:

– An Ohio-based prepping network! What does this mean? Basically, we are a group of like-minded prepping individuals who share their knowledge, wisdom and experience with other members of the network. We have our own, private lines of communication to do this.

– What do we do? In ‘peacetime’ we mainly share information and news between one another. The local individuals do meet for prepping meets/range days/beers and we are looking to become more organized (and varied) with our meetings as we grow in size.

– What do we have? Besides the usual prepping resources, we have organization and (hopefully) a growing community! In all seriousness though, we do have a hierarchy. This is formed and enforced through a moderate selection process; each member has an assigned peacetime and post-SHTF role based on their skill set. We have contingency plans, bugout location(s) (working on a few) amongst other things. We pride ourselves in being very organized.

What do we want:

– Likeminded individuals: We do not discriminate based on age, gender, marital status, religion, sexual preference, or anything else you can think of. However, we do select based on experience and there is an interview/selection process as explained below.

– Experienced Preppers: We do have a selection process. This is essentially to prevent freeloaders and ensure that you’re a good fit! We do ask that people applying be actively prepping prior to joining, or have the means to do so after joining. Exceptions are always given on a case-by-case basis but generally we aren’t a group suited for brand new preppers.

– People with niche skills, such as:

  • Medical professionals: Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses, Medics, EMT’s, Combat Medics.
  • Former soldiers/military personnel: Particularly those who have undertaken both training and/or combat roles. Former ‘specialist’ MOS’s are encouraged to apply.
  • Mechanics: Particularly vehicle mechanics.
  • Builders: Especially those with experience building small houses (or similar)
  • Naturists: No, not the people who are naked all the time. We’re looking for people with experience in edible plants, alternative medicine and growing large quantities of food.
  • Electricians/Plumbers: As with the builders, experience with domestic buildings is a plus!
  • Chefs: Anyone with experience storing, preparing and serving food. People with experience in creating home made alcohol also a plus.
  • Farmers/Vets: Anyone with experience in keeping and maintaining the wellbeing of animals. Particularly farm/domestic animals.
  • Blacksmith: Anyone with experience in fabricating and welding.
  • Seamstress: Experience making and repairing clothes.

What we are not:

– A paid membership-based network: We are not ZERT! You will be required to only give up knowledge and experience to become a member. Besides what you spend on your personal prepping, we will never ask you for your hard earned cash!

– A militia: we are not an organization to help you plan your government overthrow. We are about sustainability and community. Yes, we are armed, but are by no means an offensive fighting force. We won’t be going to war with the federal government, teaching you tax evasion or helping you plan the assassination of your neighbor. So if that’s what you want – move along!

– A charity: Our members prep their resources for themselves. We share knowledge and training now. Post-SHTF resource sharing will occur between communities in line with our pre-approved plans.


I know I have posted a lot of info, if you think that this network sounds like it could be for you, please leave a comment below, tell us about yourself and leave your email address! I actively monitor this so will reply pretty quickly. Looking forward to seeing whose out there.

– JP



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