Aug 232018

Hello all. I been in here off and on since 2012 in the hopes of finding a community that was practical and logical toward putting prepping in its place which is just that ” a certain part of life but not itself.” since then I have grown past my twenties, have a family of my own and acquired more skills since then. No reason in broadcasting when what and how as I know that for later discussions. Im looking for any group that puts family first, have balanced mindset and keep a consistent check on their abilities, know how and, have room for guest if that situation to arise to contact me here at Benteam2020 @ If you don’t have a homestead or safe locale that’s fine to for as long as our way of life continues it always bring chance for growth, forming bonds without situation, and building!!

Im the first to let you know that im not crazy and live my life to the fullest at the same time. Its better to know your community before a situation happens to prevent shady situations or character.. its also clear to note that I hold no prejudice or aggression in my heart towards any group of people for as long as they don’t tread on my family on my way of life. so I expect the same who I interact with..

Mar 182018

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Seeking to form—Small Christ centered conservative preparedness group of like minded individuals / families.

We are seeking only 3-5 couples or families to join together ahead of time to prepare a small group and land before a collapse.  

The type of people / families that we would like to find can be from anywhere in the USA and be willing to move in the next year to begin to build the retreat.  All must be firm Christians with a solid scriptural foundation and like minded to some degree. As families begin to join one another then bylaws will be created with all adults working together to form a Christ centered and constitutional view.  In other words we are all equals in this. Very specific requirements for supplies of food, gear, seeds, and essentials will be made. A higher goal than most of 3-5 years of the above would be on my list for all to obtain. 1 year as an initial in order to be considered.  Must be living a life free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and {sin to the best of your ability}. My goal here is not to be a lord / ruler, but to be a band of brothers helping each other and being more of a small tight knit family. All must be able to work together and not be the types that try to control and make everyone do what they see best.  That may even be of utmost importance for success in this.

Currently we are shopping for 100+ acres of land in some strategic locations with the following characteristics- Mountainous or hill country area that is defensive.  Region with mild winters. Land that is good for farming with surrounding population of people that farm.  As low as possible of a population with no large cities anywhere nearby and away from smaller cities. Must have good quality year round water source on site. Away from major roads. Ect. With that said we do have some areas in mind but are also willing to work with others if they want to help with choosing the area with all that goes into such a strategy.  When it comes to buying the land this could be done in different ways and it is something that we can work out. We are buying land anyways regardless if we find someone here unlike some who are looking for others to fund their mission of buying land or building a bunker ect.  Most important skills for a collapse would be farming, defense / real military operator skills that only 10% of those in the military have, and emergency medical care (not your typical family doc stuff).  Other important skills but lesser on the list would be JOAT’s, carpentry, electrical, communications, mechanical, and macgyver types who can rig anything from a pile of junk.
If what I have said here fits who you are and makes you want to know more please PM me.

Sep 302017

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I am a college male looking for a group of like minded individuals that are preparing for any type of turmoil that will take place in the world we live in. I am located in south central Alabama. I am new to prepping but would like to learn and will help my group however I can. Let me know if you are interested in letting me join your group or possibly starting one. Upon request I am ready to let you know more about my skills and abilities. Thank you

Aug 062017

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We are in Alabama, We are looking for like minded pepper’s . Experienced or beginners who would be interested in joining a group. One who has been prepping for many years now fearing mostly a economic collapse, because of our national debt and the possible collapse of the dollar. We have also prepped for other problems as well. We are looking for like minded pepper’s who would possible wish to join us in forming a larger and more efficient group. We are wanting to push farther with our prepping. We have an extensive prepping set up already. We are wanting to put it over the top and become totally self reliable, renewable, and self sustaining. We have much to offer ones willing to work with us as a team. We also understand their is security in numbers. If you may be looking for a new home, a group to join or even a bug out location we hope to hear from you…

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Dec 062016

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I’m looking for like minded people in the Millbrook, AL or Tri-Community area that are “Prepper/Survivalist” oriented folks.  I/we (my wife and I) are in our late 50’s and are looking for other folks with similar likes and ideals.  We are G-d, Family & Country loving people but will never beat you over the head about it.  Your ideals are just that…Yours!!  As long as we can meet on at least 2 out of 3 items, we can talk.  I must admit up front that I am much more into this than my spouse is.  I think she just humors me.  Fortunately for her, she’s never had to endure any type of survival experience. So this may be a little one sided at first.  In any case, if you live in the immediate area and are looking for other like minded people…email me at [email protected] and I’ll return your email with a phone number and we can speak.

Thank you and may G-d Bless and keep us ALL…G-d Bless America

Aug 292016

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Hi everyone,

We recently moved to Huntsville AL area due to a job relocation. In Florida we had a yard where we grew almost all of our fruits and vegetables, and even had two young nut trees. We enjoy the hobby of pursuing self-sustainable living, but previously we were the only ones in our neighborhood. So before we purchase a house here, we wanted to hear from the locals, if anyone is aware of a type of community or farmstead where a group of like minded people have purchased some acreage through a trust, or at least an area where people have gardens and chickens, etc. We just can’t buy into the suburban neighborhood thing but also don’t want to live rural by ourselves where we couldn’t defend what we’ve worked so hard to establish. Any thoughts?

Our approach to “prepping” is living in such a way to where you are prepared for disaster but also if things just go bad, but not disasterous, that you at least have your land you pay so dearly for, give you food in return.

I appreciate any input.



Jun 062016

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40’s couple, prepared and with skills, looking for a remote bug out location & group.  Been looking at remote properties but realize can no more defend land alone than defend suburban home alone.

Would love something within 2-4 hours of Chattanooga.

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May 072016

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I’m Tristan from Alabama I’m 18 an looking for people around Alabama to help start a group for economy collapse survival it’s coming an I need a group so either join or help start Thanks in advance my email is [email protected]

Apr 232016

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Looking to join a group. This has been a learning experience for me. Myself I am an 8 year veteran. My specialty was Aircraft Mechanic, but it came with a host of other experiences in which I developed other skills as well. I would expand on my other skills if you communicate with me. I have worked on joining a family which I thought were really great, Too bad communication had a falling out of things and now I have things to figure out, due to not having a plan B my agenda is to be part of a group who are ethical. I will figure it out, but the objective is to be with like minded people, prepare, learn and help with sustainability and perhaps there are people out there who wish to have someone with these qualities to be part of their group. I have experience in many areas that I can contribute to the community. Although I am not looking to be part of a militia, I do have arms and firmly believe in the 2nd amendment, so I hope you O.K with that. I am new to this point of view and the basis of preparation is information and doing what is necessary to be as prepared as possible. I have no alcohol issues or drug issues and prefer to stay away from people that do, I am not a religious fanatic, but prefer someone with spiritual common sense if such a phrase exist. I prefer honesty over political correctness which tend to speak in a language empty of details and facts. I am security conscious so I am careful, not because I am paranoid but because bad people do exist or people with no security awareness expose their vulnerabilities putting good people at risk. I currently live in the Bay area in FL, looking up in the Pensacola or lower Alabama area.  I want to thank you ahead of time for reading this post.