Looking to join a group of friends for thr purposes of survival, improving eaxh others skills, and long term survival in a SHTF situation. Seabeepreps at protonmail dot com Former military Military skills: Land nav, comms (learning amature radio) but had limited comms training in thr navy, survival, combat medical, high angle and confined space rescue. Firefighting. NBC/CBR. Medical response. Marksmanship, setting up security perimeter and fully functional FOB Other Skills: Electrician Computers/networking/ working knowledge of network sexurity/hardening/penetration Carpentry Concrete work Plumbing

Jan 132023

I am looking to either join with some folks to start a group, or join an existing one. Im less than an hour from birmingham. Wanna find some other peopke that want to pool our knowledge, skills, etc and help each other out to ensure survival. I have a lot of skills I bring to the table.