Jan 072024


In case you haven’t checked the PAGES menu on the left of the site, there are now several articles here (written by me) on prepping.

Comments have been left open on these articles, so if you have any questions or would like to comment on them, I’ll reply as soon as is practical.

Here are a few quick links – use the PAGES menu to read the rest. πŸ™‚

There are now dozens of my articles listed in the pages menu.
All feedback is welcome.

R. Ann Parris on Seeking Out Other Preppers

R. Ann Parris on The Do’s & Don’ts of Internet Contacts

R. Ann Parris on Writing A Good Contact Post

R. Ann Parris on Important Docs & Info Backups

  4 Responses to “R. Ann Parris articles on prepping”

  1. Good morning I hope all is well with you .My name is Kimberly,I am brand new to your site .I just posted my profile whenever you get some extra time could you please read it and direct me in the right direction?Thank you so much and Have a great day!Kimberly

    • Scroll through the site – With your history (profile) you’re likely already good at seeing something and recognizing its ability to do something else, but there may be some nuggets that can help you get further ahead here in the articles. Do definitely scan the internet-site related tips for contacts and networking, and consider jumping on the prepper forum – there’s a heap of reuse-repurpose goodies there as well, and chatty interaction.


  2. Hey how are you? Just wondering if there is anyway you could delete my replies to a couple of posts. I tried deleting my account and it did not work properly. I have been receiving a lot of weird emails since i posted my email address and I would like it taken down. Thanks. Although I have met some good people on here, I would still like my email address taken down off of the posts.