Mar 042022

Contact me : [email protected]

Interested persons who have the financial means to buy in to the ranch compound as their bug out location in southern indiana may contact me. Those who want to trade their “extensive skill sets” are all ready on board.

Work complete on the ranch – I tried to recruit help at no charge with no success – I paid for it all my self – and as the saying gos, if its free it must not be any good. Buy in starts at 10 K a couple & 20 k a family of five.

The ranch is now complete

Feb 272022

Hi. I just joined.
Near Indianapolis Indiana
I want to find like minded people.
I know we can’t be prepared for every possible scenario but i would like to start taking steps to be more prepared to ride out whatever things might and anyone can see probably will happen.
I also am looking to possibly relocate to a warmer climate.
It would be ideal to find a comunity I fit in.
Tiny house or ? I am looking at all options. I don’t want to go extreme but just wisely prepared living safer, simple and hopefully solar.

Feb 272022

Read Win-Win by Marshall Masters, then contact me here if you think you can deal with what is coming.

If you understand my callsign, you will find communicating with me to be interesting in many important ways

“You’ve got to prime the pump, you must have faith and believe. You’ve got to give of yourself before you’re worthy to receive. Drink all the water you can hold, wash your face and cool your feet. Leave the bottle full for others.

Thank you kindly,

Desert Pete”

Feb 272022

I’m strategically relocating to western South Carolina. Altho I didn’t realize it, Ive always been old school and a “prepper” , I was raised differently and think differently. I hate waste and plan. Now in recent years I’ve full on realized my goals. To live more independently and plan.
In MA when there’s a massive ice or snow storm knocking out power and heat, I never worry unlike my neigbors. Often I’ll have to teach them the basics.

I enjoy sharing the things I’ve learned. In summer or other seasons when I camp, I take those who want to learn with me to boost skills and their self reliance. Especially women as it’s important to learn shelter, fire and other skills.

Now, I’m looking for like minded folk in the western South Carolina or even Georgia area, as the border isn’t far off. I’m always looking to expand my skills especially foraging, trapping, medicine, and fire arms.


Feb 272022

I would love to locate a prepping community in Oklahoma. I’ve downsized and been gradually prepping over last several years for my family of 5 (including me). Based in Norman, OK currently but apartment lease up in Sept./August. Would love to locate community with house and a few acres of land for lease by owner, if possible.  Please let me know of any opportunities! – Bryan

Feb 142022

Looking for like-minded individuals in Northeast Wyoming. Interested in networking and seeing who else is out there. Have group and looking to add to network. Please comment if interested.

Feb 132022

I live in Woodland Park Colorado.  I don’t know anything about prepping or have survival skills.  I want to learn and be a part of a team for when SHTF so to speak. These times are scary and I have no intention of being vaccinated or becoming part of the new world order. I believe in God and believe Jesus died on the cross as the final sacrifice for all time.

Feb 102022

Hello all,

I’m looking for like-minded people to connect with in the Greeley/Loveland/Fort Collins area. I’ve been prepping since about 2018 and have a decent understanding of preparedness thus far, now I figured it was time to start reaching out to like-minded people. I’m a Christian, a veteran, a student, and I have many basics of prepping checked-off the list for new preppers, so I would like to see what else I could learn/teach other people. The people I am looking for are intelligent, rational people that have a few skills under their belts and are in-tune with what is happening in the world.



Feb 102022

Hi, I’m looking for someone who would like to build a community or someone who see’s what is coming and would like someone to work with. I’m a AF-AM if that should matter not to me but to some it does, my wife and I is 58 years old and have been preparing for about a 2 years, we just understand that it will take a village to make it thru what is coming. If you would like to work together and see what we can do please reply. We are located in North Florida southwest of Jacksonville.

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Feb 102022

We are older preppers in our 60’s. Looking for like-minded people to form a network or to learn from one another. I have a lot of skills, but always looking to learn more. These are crazy times we are living in and I feel it is better to prepare now than to wait until SHTF.

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Feb 082022

I am presently living in Phoenix AZ. And from what I have heard about desert situations is, you will never make it in a desert when the crap hits the fan, which could be any day soon now. But my choice to live my ideal place, would be Dallas Fort Worth area ASAP, and I am interested in moving with a partner or group to a location that would benefit the group in the very near future. And also any person who already has a community in the DFW area, town or land that is also seeking this kind of arrangement. And I don’t mean near the metro area. But a good safe distance from those metropolitan areas. I am looking for like minded individuals who have a solid moral compass. And have skills, knowledge, degrees and other abilities that could be used if living in a small town outside the populated areas. I have an Electrical Engineering Degree. And capable of designing, building and maintaining power generation as well as security. I am well versed in many disciplines and skills. And I feel with the right group of people, we could make a life living in a like minded community of people. Please share your thoughts or any questions, you can Email me at [email protected]


Feb 062022

Christian Preppers of Southern OR Klamath Falls OR or CPOSO.   Do a search.  Website room 4 rent Klamath . com will pop up. This is a new group so expect small in numbers.  This group is getting ready for the show to start!

Feb 062022
Hi im 29 and my boyfriend is 28 and we have a 2 year old son. We are a small christan family and are looking to go off the grid. Its no secret that times are getting worse and when it comes time for the vaccine we wont be taking it and with that will come even harder times. We want to get ourselves set up with the right people the right fighters who remeber that this is a nation under GOD and this is the home of the FREE AND BRAVE. we dont have the most experience as far as prepping but were no dummies and not fearful of hardwork to get ourselves and others set up where we can all feel safe and watch over one another when the time truely comes. We know a bit about gardening and my boyfriend has raised livestock for a good portion of his childhood. Were willing to go anywhere and helpout with whatever we can! Were proud gun owners as well. Please get ahold of me and id be glad to talk,with so few of us that see the truth we must stick together. Email- [email protected] Thank you!
Jan 282022

My name is Kezia and I’m located in Middle GA.  I am a Christian and while I know that God will take care of His own, I do believe He gives us wisdom to get/be prepared for the times ahead. I know the importance of having a support group and would like to join anyone who is knowledgeable and skillful in prepping.  I am new to prepping and is trying to learn as much as possible.  Please inbox me @ [email protected]

Jan 212022

Family oriented God fearing! Looking for a small like minded group/family to prepare with. We have our supplies but are looking for others that we can trust, help and learn from! Not just gardening,canning and homesteading (although those are key) but getting together camping, fishing and so on. If this sounds like what you are looking for too please comment and we can go from there!

Jan 182022

Preparing for what may be coming soon and would like to meet others in my area who are doing the same.

I’ve been an Automotive and Diesel Mechanic for years so I know my way around vehicles of different varieties.

Let me know if you’d be interested in talking and discussing more on this subject.

Jan 102022

As title states. I’m sure I can prove to be quite the asset to a like minded team of individuals.


I’ve got some unsetteling premonitions for the next 6 months or so, just trying my best to be prepared.


Any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time.



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Jan 062022

Good Evening All,

We are a group of likeminded individuals that were formally in a group that was co-located but as life happens it has spread us across the country. We have people in Arizona, Idaho, Georgia, and Arkansas. Instead of letting the group fall we are using the distance as a strength, as well as an opportunity to grow. We are looking to expand our Nationwide network as well as meet people that may be local to other members. We are an extremely active group talking and supporting each other daily.

We have a wide range of experience and professions in the group everything from beginners to people building bug out locations. Every experience level is welcome and appreciated. Feel free to reach out at [email protected]


Jan 042022

47 yo female in good health, I own and run a small farm in central Missouri. Intelligent, honest, and hardworking, with a passion for integrity.  Survivalist and prepper for many years. Strong skills in foraging, natural medicine, gardening, food preservation & storage, animal husbandry, survival skills, etc.  Working toward 100% self reliancy & self sufficiency.

Interested in meeting others for networking &/or MAG or others that may be interested in labor shares (I help you, you help me). Realistically know my shortcomings and know there is more safety in numbers. Hope to find others to build a community network with in surrounding areas.

Jan 032022

In or near Kiowa Oklahoma. I have military background, combat engineer, survival, construction, security, tracking of animals and humans. Me and wife are Republicans and not extremists but easygoing until it’s time not to be. Hope to meet fellow like minded people.

Jan 012022

I am just beginning and looking to join a group.   I am very serious and can bring a lot of skills and resources.   I am in the Salisbury NC area but can travel on the weekends.

kdalexander401 at the yahoo

Dec 142021

Good morning,

My name is J, I’m 31 M & I live in Oakland County, MI. I am looking to join or form a MAG here in my hometown. I have a Discord where there are a few of us, but I’m looking for more. New & experienced preppers please apply. Families & lone wolves’ welcome. I would like to have weekly meetings either in person or via video chat.

There’s a storm coming. Let’s survive this together!
Please feel free to contact me @ [email protected]

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