Nov 112023

We are a married couple of 46 years in our late 60’s. We started prepping in 1984. Well provisioned, husband is retired Army, wife served 2 years. We have experience raising pigs, chickens and dogs. Some gardening abilities with room for improvement. Some basic medical skills. Husband has basic construction skills and RV repair skills in addition to other skills. Wife does the animal raising.

Our current group is in a state of denial for the current events in the world and America, so we are looking to join a DEDICATED group who’s membership is aware of what is happening and realize we only have a few months at best. We currently live in western Colorado, but are very willing to relocate to a better location.

Apr 192023

Hello all. Looking for others in Colorado (mainly western slope) who would be interested in joining in a group who meet on line by video twice a month. We discuss all sorts of prepping topics and current events that effect us. From time to time we meet face to face to share a meal at a restaurant.

Jan 182023

Hi all,

Im a 35 yo girl from California and have wanted to leave California for a long time. Didn’t really know there was a resource like this for preppers. I’m not the most tech savvy, but I have off grid living experience, landscaping and gardening skills to offer. Always willing to work and learn new skills. Wanted to be a prepper since I was about 18, but life kinda of took a different turn. Really seems like the clock is ticking now, so let me know if anyone has any interest in someone like minded who values freedom as much as survival joining their group. Thanks.

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Feb 132022

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I live in Woodland Park Colorado.  I don’t know anything about prepping or have survival skills.  I want to learn and be a part of a team for when SHTF so to speak. These times are scary and I have no intention of being vaccinated or becoming part of the new world order. I believe in God and believe Jesus died on the cross as the final sacrifice for all time.

Feb 102022

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hello all,

I’m looking for like-minded people to connect with in the Greeley/Loveland/Fort Collins area. I’ve been prepping since about 2018 and have a decent understanding of preparedness thus far, now I figured it was time to start reaching out to like-minded people. I’m a Christian, a veteran, a student, and I have many basics of prepping checked-off the list for new preppers, so I would like to see what else I could learn/teach other people. The people I am looking for are intelligent, rational people that have a few skills under their belts and are in-tune with what is happening in the world.