Jan 182023

Hi all,

Im a 35 yo girl from California and have wanted to leave California for a long time. Didn’t really know there was a resource like this for preppers. I’m not the most tech savvy, but I have off grid living experience, landscaping and gardening skills to offer. Always willing to work and learn new skills. Wanted to be a prepper since I was about 18, but life kinda of took a different turn. Really seems like the clock is ticking now, so let me know if anyone has any interest in someone like minded who values freedom as much as survival joining their group. Thanks.

[email protected]

  6 Responses to “Prepper girl looking for group to join”

  1. Any certain area you are looking to move to?

  2. Hello from montana. lots going on in the world. Hit me up at [email protected]

    Time to flee california.

  3. Living it righteous in Lubbock Tx.
    Looking to get a group started/join in Lubbock area.
    I’ve lived off grid for a few years in Kootenai National Forest.
    MY bones can’t handle the winter’s there anymore.
    Moved to Lubbock where winter is mild 🙂

    [email protected]

  4. Contact me if you would like to chat and possibly move forward

  5. Are you still looking? Message me if you are. We are in western Colorado.