Jan 132020

Hello I’m Jason. I’m new to the ventura area and am looking for a group of like minded people/preppers to possible join. I’m 29, grew up in a God fearing home with a father who’s been preeping for as long as I can remember. I now am family man, professional carpenter, skilled shot, very athletic and knowledgable about survival skills. I believe I could be most beneficial to someone who like prepping but maybe is less skilled when in comes to security. I’m willing to trade my security skills for a mutual platonic friendship. There’s strength numbers. Keep in mind I have my own preps and means to provide for my family for a long time so I’d be non burdensome.

Aug 082019

Hello I’m a new prepper in So Cal and started off just kind of following all sorts of prepper youtube channels before I started saving up to purchase gear and I’m really excited about the idea that people around the country are preparing for any kind of SHTF or WROL type scenario and I’d like to be apart of that. To be honest I thought about it and was recently considering joining a Militia since I feel maybe militias are the ultimate preppers. However I also don’t want to sign myself to any organization if I don’t have to when in actuality I’m just looking for a group of people who like to train with their prepper equipment instead of just purchasing it and leaving it all in a forgotten closet.

Are there any such groups near the Inland Empire which is where I live?

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Aug 062019

New to Prepping.. here in LA .. North LA county area…
seeking other like-minded – preppers – seeking to belong or start a new-community here.

I have property and AZ, but I am currently working here in LA –

lets talk ( plans and Bug-out options – etc )

Dec 312018


i am looking for like minded (beginner) peppers to meet up, exchange ideas, share resources, share tips and tricks. I am currently located in Orange County CA

I see a lot of people doing the right thing, prepping smartly and carefully.

What i don’t see is people joining forces. I see different strengths in different cities, one person has army training, another has water source, Another has unlimited food resources etc….Combining brain cells and resources would mean you/we would have an abundance of ALL resources and a 24/7 support group in a helpful giving community which all give you peace of mind. If anyone is looking for the same, write me a PM.

Willing to relocate

Thanks for reading this post.

Apr 302018

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I’m a graduate student and I have created a group on DownToMeet for those who have a disability or Who have less able family members to consider in their preparation (Such as young children or elderly parents). The link is https://downtomeet.us/61lI

Apr 142018

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Hi, Tomgirl and I are currently in southwest Colorado. We are researching some lands to buy that are mountainous and hopefully with river frontage. Bordering BLM or national forest would be ideal. We’re in our twenties. I have an inheritance with which to buy land and set up an off-grid location. Have not decided on exactly where we want to settle as yet, but considering New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and maybe even California . Feel free to write us at [email protected]
We would like some input on locations most favorable.

Jan 152018

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I’m looking for a MAG for my family to join. I am an infantry officer with scout and competitive shooting qualifications, my dad and brother are board certified doctors, my mom is a retired nurse, my sister is in school for clinical psychology, and my long time girlfriend is a teacher. We are all christian. My brother and I are licensed ham operators and I hunt and fish.  We are spread between Oregon, California, Texas, and Florida so I am open to groups from any area. I am primarily looking for a place for us to go if there is a large scale disaster. I can send more detailed lists of qualifications and levels of preparedness if requested. In addition, please message me for availability to assist in preparing the site. I look forward to hearing from and working with you and your group.

Sep 092017

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Hi, I am in the North Bay area, just north of San Francisco, hoping to join a group soon for me and my dog. I’m a 30 year old female, have lots to offer, have been in survival situations in the snow, I am a car prepper, meaning I could survive out of my car for a long time if need be, but feel that it is beginning to be time to find a group and an actual location. Please let me know if anyone established or starting is looking for new members in California or I’m open to Nevada as well, because the masses will head to the desert lastly after slowly leaving cities and venturing outward in search of food and water.

Apr 142017

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Hello my fiancée and I are looking to network with Prepper Groups in the Malibu and Ventura County areas. We believe that major catastrophic events are likely to occur in our lifetime and in the near future. There is alot of instability in the world today. So we want to prepare in the best ways possible! We are interested in meeting up and sharing possible Ideas, Emergency plans, recourses, etc. We live on Pt. Dume in Malibu, California above Zuma Beach on the bluff. Currently stocking up on water, food rations, weapons, etc. We are looking for likeminded individuals who are interested in collaborating with our efforts to prepare for the worst case scenario. A possible Doomsday event!

Contact us here on the Prepper Groups website or by email : [email protected]

Thanks! 🙏🏻

Dec 312016

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I am interested in joining a group in Northern Cali.  Please direct me to a solid existing group.  I am not interested in starting a group or being part of an inexperienced start up group.



Dec 252016

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I would like to connect with like-minded Preppers in Morgan Hill and South Santa Clara County. I would like to determine an interest and capability level in the area. This would lead to the possibility of forming teams or groups for mutual survival in disaster/chaos situations.

If interested, please send me the following general information, and I will return the same:

First name and age of each member in your family, group or sub-group
General health, or limitations, of all members

A brief description of any;

special survival resources you have, or have access to
special survival skills you have to offer

Any other pertinent information
Preferred contact info
Area where you live

Working together will improve efficiency and chances of success.

Please private message me with the above.

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Dec 102016

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Gathering Like minded Preppers Within the Modesto Area To coordinate with SHTF type situations.

Please send me a little bit of info before we proceed forward.

  1. first name, age, gender,
  2. fitness level, and any health limitations
  3. Any Special skills You have to offer
  4. Contact info
  5. Were you live

We Are a Group of people Just Brainstorming Ideas We can do As a team. Were Survivalist. We Will Give out more information in person. Please private message me whats above^^

Nov 212016

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I’m in southern California around Yucaipa. I am looking for some like minded people to possibly start a new group.

Nov 042016

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Hello everyone,

I’m looking for a group we can connect with mid-peninsula, San Mateo area. I’m recently from Colorado and had extensive gear and resources back there; but it’s a whole new game out here. Strong faith in God but also a strong faith in training my mind and body to serve my will. Recently completed a CERT course which reinforced FEMA are just a bunch of morons using outdated gear and swimming in paperwork.

Oct 292016

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Looking for prepared patriots near I-5 between Sacramento and Redding to network with. Please message me in the private messaging option on this page.

Oct 142016

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All,  Some great posts here, glad I found this forum.  I live in Northern California, East Bay and looking for similar folks in the area.  I was born and raised in California and saddened to see the state of our State.  I am considering to move up to Seattle area or get a Fall Out Location in the Sierras.  I am Married with 3-kids and looking to see if there are others concerned with the area.

With the political situations getting more intense, protests increasing and a large number of convicts being released in the streets (thanks to Brown) a bad situation is bound to happen. Looking to get a sense of what other are doing here in California or whether they are looking to move out.  I do want to be prepared for worst case scenarios, but at the same time need to be near a tech hub for work. Further, I do want to have my home base near a city dwelling for the University Systems for my kids.

One thought is to move to Seattle and get a FOL in Idaho.  Comments / thoughts welcome!

Oct 072016

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Ventura County older, athletic, military man in excellent condition.
Been Prepping for 3 years. Food, guns, ammo, water.  Have electrical and handyman skills & tools.
Working on evac routes and sites. Am at decision point to Bug-out or stay.
Interested in finding if there are like minded Ventura County folks to coordinate with

Sep 122016

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good evening I am seeking a preppers group to join in the Sacramento california foothills and surrounding areas – if any leads please let me know



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Aug 272016

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So I didnt realize I was a “prepper”. But on the eve of buying my second property and realizing that Ive spent the past year researching everything from rainwater catchment and seed saving, to building solar panels and rocket stoves…Im in deep. I have a plan, it includes my 20 acres in California and the upcoming 15 acres in Massachussets. I need advice, and a network. I joined this group, because I realize that many of us might need to travel to save our family. And wouldnt it be awesome if there were people along the way to help them on their mission. And wouldnt it be awesome if I were 1 of those people? So I kind of need help finding out how to build an underground bunker and a tree fort

Jul 222016

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Hello my name is John, I live in Southern California namely the San Fernando Valley. I know that this area will be a death zone when whatever happens happens, so I’d like to secure a place to go and or a place to go now maybe. My plan has a huge fault in that I can make it out of LA but then what? I’d say that’s a pretty big problem considering how many other people are going to be the same situation. I considered bugging in, but like I said death zone. There’s no food here is no water we are dead in the water here.

I have my own weapons, ammo, food, and whatever else is required.  I’m a 34-year old single white- man of sound mind and body raised with good Christian values. Strive to be the best person I can be living my life according to the morals I was raised with and valuing my word and God above everything. I feel like there’s not very many men that came out of my generation, real men  anyway. I like to think that I am the real man and capable of doing and being all that goes with it. My background is in the refrigeration field, though I like to think that I can fix anything mechanical. I have some experience with metal fabrication but would like more of all the training I can get. Don’t have a problem being an apprentice or tool boy if I can get knowledge out of it.

Willing to give time and money  to a good cause and good people .I have a dog that is brilliant that I will feed. If that’s a problem willing to talk about it.

As of now my plan is basically: I have a dual sport motorcycle that’s a dirt bike that street legal basically .and a gigantic bug out bag and two side  cases that took on the my motorcycle .when I have to go,  I have a back fire road that I’m familiar with that will take me out of Los Angeles. I need your help in finding a place to go . Any help is greatly appreciated. And I give my word  that I will do everything in my power to pull my weight and anyone else’s weight who falls behind , I promise you you will not be  disappointed  and find me an asset to your group.

thank you



Jul 192016

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looking for a group of people who are in preparation to protect thier families as well as strive to be as self sustaining as possible.

i am a water distribution,  treatment operator.

IT geek as well.

background in outdoors.

have much more to share and offer, but believe in being discreet 😉

hope to hear from you (not sure how to be discrete online) !

May 122016

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Hi everyone just joined this forum yesterday, thanks for the add!. I am looking to build a group of like minded people with the skills and abilities to overcome anything from natural disasters, terrorist attack, dollar collapse ect.
About me.

I am 31 male who lives in Vacaville CA. I am not married and have no kids, although I do have a gf who I intend to marry in the next year or two. I am an electrician by trade and have been in the construction field my whole life. I can build or fix anything when it comes to houses, cars, trucks, motorcycles and airplanes. I have been a prepper for a few years now and it had gone from a happy to a passion. I have started a homestead where I live and raise rabbits, chickens, pigs and cows. I have also bought an airplane and started working on my pilot license. I have a decent Arsenal that is forever growing.

I have a 20 acre retreat I have been working on for a couple years in the mountains 40 miles east of Marysville CA where I spend most weekends working on the retreat and honing my shooting game and survival skills. The land is ideal for a preppers retreat with well water, huge garden, great defensive location and awesome small community of people that live in the area.

What I am looking good for.

As a good portion of my family thinks i am silly for being a prepper I am looking to build a group of about 20 people to help me run the retreat incase of SHTF scenario. I am thinking of once a month meeting for logistics, training, planning and prepping. Anyone out there who thinks they might be interested please contact me. I am so excited to get a group of people to work with. I am extremely ambitious well rounded and never quite or give up. If you are in my area and interested in what I have to offer feel free to hit me up so we can chat. Not sure how it works with giving out email or phone numbers, so comment and we will go from there

May 012016

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Looking for a prepper group

I’ve recently had my eyes opened to the real truth regarding our governments agenda and want to find a safe place to go in these questionable times. I’m a 52 yr old woman with 2 sons 14,17 I am a full Believer in Jesus, and practice my faith to the fullest. I have heard from God to prepare. I live along the coast north of San Diego. I’m a great gardener,cook,very organized,can provide holistic health alternatives,I am a very hard worker,not lazy!i can build and repair.im sure I have other abilities that would suit a group. I pray that I’m contacted ASAP.

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Apr 092016

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I just moved to SD.  I have been prepping for the Big One, EMP (but also have a geiger counter, a gas mask w/extra filters, NBC suit, et al., just in case).  I have been prepping for several years and am not BS, nor paranoid.  I am retired military, an ex-Army Ranger instructor, now therapist by trade.  I am in the CITY itself and recognize the inherent weakness of my geographic location/situation as far as long term survival in any catastrophic event.  I am solo, but would like to join with like minded, sane people.  I am 55 years young, intelligent, and resourceful.  I speak Spanish also and can consider Mexico as a possible bugout destination, if necessary.  I am not a Rambo, more like a Fess Parker as Daniel Boone in the old TV show. I can be contacted at [email protected]  Is there anyone out there?  SUA SPONTE!

Jan 092016

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The company I work for recently purchased 120+ acres of land bordering state trust land in Arizona. We are in the process of purchasing another 200+ adjoining acres. We are going to be letting people use 1/4 acre parcels,  1/2 acre parcels with a few 1 acre parcels in our prepper compound. User will be responsible for obtaining and providing to us a background check, providing a resume for adults and a phone interview with a probable follow up in person interview.  There is already a community well drilled to meet water needs.  A 300 gallon water tank can be filled in 10 minutes flow and supply is great.
Our goal when SHTF is to establish a self sustaining prepper community with a mix of people from all backgrounds and experiences. We want nurses, nurse practitioners, doctors, teachers, military, farmers, contractors, preachers and more. By the time we are done we anticipate having 60-75 families using 400+ private acres as a bugout location when the need arises. Currently we have 1 nurse, 1 nurse practitioner, two former military, a general contractor, a farmer and a former state trooper (and their families) as well as emplyees from the company with various skills and their families.
Each person on their parcel will be able to pull up an RV/5th wheel, camp, or build a cabin etc . You can fence it your parcel as well. There is a community well already set up, power will be by wind, solar or generator on your lot. You will be able to start a garden on your lot, raise rabbits or chickens etc to help provide for your family. Come and camp or live there full time it is yours to do as you wish but when SHTF you will have a great bugout location if you choose not to live there beforehand.
We will be reserving a large portion of the land for community gardens, rabbit pens and chicken coops, and other food sources to assist with food for community members.  We also have plans to build a chapel, a covered community activities area, and more. Parcels will circle this area for easy access for all parcels.
All resources are on site from water, to heavily wooded areas to pasture and meadows. In a SHTF scenario not only will we be able to provide for the compound but will have enough rabbits and chickens as well as vegtables and fruits to hopefully barter/sell for things we can not produce ourselves.

Let me be clear here on this.  We are not looking to overthrow the government, take over the world or anything else.  We would encourage each resident to have a firearm for hunting and self defense purposes if needed but this is not a requirement.  The goal is a safehaven for members to provide for themselves and family when SHTF, or a nice quiet place to live, or vacation to camp etc until SHTF.  Once SHTF this will become a survival situation and we are trying to help make that as easy as possible for you but please do not show up with no knives, tents, sleeping bags etc.  You need to prepare for this ahead of time and have that sort of stuff easily accessable in a bugout situation.  If this is not possible let us know and we may be able to purchase it and store it on site for you.

There is a $50 non refundable application fee to be considered for a parcel.   You will be required to provide a copy of a background check for each adult person that will be on the property.  No pedophiles, violent offenders etc.  I will have my wife and kids there and this will be a safe place for them when SHTF so that type stuff will not be let in.  There will be a $50 monthly fee for 1/4 acre lots and a $75 monthly fee for 1/2 acre lots and $100 monthly fee for 1 acre lots. This money will be used among other things to add in community rabbit pens, rabbits, chicken coops,chickens, cattle, dig ponds to be stocked with fish, gardens and more plus community center area, community kitchens for those that dont build, extra water storage tanks and more.

If or when you are selected there will be a $500 fee to pick your parcel for any size. Selection will come in order of the fee being paid. There are some premium parcels that we assume will go first that back up to Arizona State Trust land and the one acre parcels. With no difference in the reservation fee we assume they will go first.  Two weeks after acceptance you will be removed from the approval list if the selection fee has not been paid or other arrangements have not been made.(we can work with you but need to know) We can barter for the $500 fee on a  few lots for some things.  Contact us with those requests and offers.

Do the math we are not doing this to get rich.  Our cost of the land once the last acquisitions are made will be probably in the $400k-500k range.  Even if every lot was 1 acre $100 monthly lots it would take us 10 years to get our money back out and that does not include all the upgrades we will be doing, animals, garden expenses etc.  We are doing this to give our employee families the best situation to be in when SHTF and we feel that is with a good group of people from all walks of life.

No freeloaders.  Once SHTF (and it eventually will) you will be required to maintain your own parcel, garden, rabbits etc as well as work on the community gardens etc  each day to ensure as a collective we can supplement when we need to for all members.

We are going to be looking for  a year round resident for the compound for security, and upkeep, take care of community rabbits and garden in exchange for a fee free 1 acre parcel and possibly once the lots are leased out a salary.  Parcel owners will be able to work out an agreement with that person for various things like raising your own set of rabbits on your parcel, spreading your rabbit poop on a portion of your land where you want your garden to fertalize it, possibly a garden and more.  We can provide the Rabbit hutches and assembly on your parcel for $175 each otherwise you will be responsible for assembly and delivery.  One buck and two does price is $75.  These will be well bred New Zeleand White meat rabbits.  They will be younger so they can be used for a while for breeding before .  I am sure you can work with him/her once we get them hired to actually process and sell your rabbits if wanted for some income to cover your monthly fees.

There will be sensible contracts to be signed for both our protection and yours.  Pretty much dont be a disruptive drunk, drug user or get arrested for a sex crime, or violent crime and not freeloading and you can stay as long as you want as long as your monthly fees are paid.  Do any of those things and unfortunately we will need to part ways.  If thats you please dont waste either of our times.
If you are interested please leave your contact info below and I will email you all the details or email me directly at (smallminers at yahoo dot com)