Aug 042023

I am very well rounded. I rent where I currently work in the sf bay area.

Locally I have

Just started rabbits

Just started a garden


Coms, Wilson danglers, dry goods, digital library, rabbits, Oneida Victor wire dohikies.

I have undeveloped land in northern Nevada.

I need people I can count on. Who are the type that regularly chip away at there problems.

I don’t need gear junkies or people who only talk.

  10 Responses to “Looking for capable proactive people. Not couch commentors”

  1. friend, welcome to bay area,there are quite a few of us prepper types in livermore area,in fact we have a lady rancher who raises rabbits,, we have meet ups on private ranch i n livermore hills,,its up to you to make an effort to contact me for more info,,i look foward to hear back from you in timely manner, best billy dixon

  2. That’s sounds interesting. I don’t use this site much. How do we communicate privately.

  3. you can contact me ::: ORDNANCEDESIGNCOMPANY@,,,,,,,,,i look foward to hearing from you,,billy dixon

  4. we never discuss religion or politics ! are you familar with livermore ? the mines road area ia remote, no internet or cell service,,how long you been in this area ? what you do for work ? have a family, are they supportive to your projects,? have any skills or knowledge you could bring to a prepper meet up ? what subjects would you want to learn about, what area you living in now,,im retired, i owned machine shop in heart of silicon valley for 30 years, for snail mail try me at 2032* (fixed by admin), santa clara, ca, 95055, i hope to hear more from you so i can tell the other preppers about you, best for now

  5. my correct address is po box 2032, santa clara ca, 95055

  6. Curious, why get rabbits?

    • They are quiet ( I’m in a non permissive environment), good feed conversion rate, they can eat aquatic plants( like azzolla, water hyacinth, deciduous tree leafs, grass, etc), they are easy to transport in comparison to other animals, they make lots of little bunnies, they make excellent fertilizer, you can vermicompost there waste, they will provide me uncontaminated meat unlike anything at the store, each doe means about 168 pounds of meat, they take up very little space. These are the reasons off the top of my head