Apr 062023

Does anyone know of any group in the Inland Empire Area in California that holds meet and greet? Things are getting nasty and it’s time to join survival groups, not everyone I know believes like I do, so ur basically on your own.

The clock is almost at midnight….

Time To Survive..

  2 Responses to “Looking for Local Group to join”

  1. I hear ya! I’m new to this forum and this is my first post. Anyhow, I’m out in Long Beach area, but I got family all over, Sab Gabriel Valley, Orange County and Fontana. I tried my best to warn my family but some heads are just too hard to crack and they brush it off. Luckily, my pops is like minded and siblings are too. I plan on getting into HAM radio and hopefully we can talk then. I dont know of any groups yet, I’m actively searching for like minded people but we gotta be careful on who we speak to and who we trust. So it will take time – just be patient and active. – Rob G out in LBC.

  2. I saw scattered posts of people wanting to join a preppers group here in California. My email is [email protected]