Nov 302021

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Our group has met through Preppernet, Freedomcells and others. We are currently looking for a couple more members for our platform independent SoCal prepping Group.

At the moment we are covering SB County, Orange, LA and Inland Empire. While we have members in NV we are trying to focus on SoCal for practical reasons. We are looking for a total of around 16 members excluding children before we close it for new entries in order to remain effective and responsive. Quality over quantity.

What are the requirements other than interest in Prepping, a desire for Freedom and the awareness that things are likely about to go South?

Impeccable moral conduct, trustworthiness and reliability. It’s all about trust. Skills are a bonus. We are meeting regularly on video calls but also in person. Kids are welcome so are likeminded spouses. Please be aware this is an active group that requires some commitment so it’s not suited for lurking. Sounds good?

Hope to see you soon!

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    • I’ll join your group. I can help out however I can. I have a guest house in back of our place here . In LA . We have a nice garden. Residential house , everything works we got heating. Air conditioning. We have friends with cars. Fridge new. Plenty food. Lots of stores near by. We got a happy small dog that cheers us up. Mike.
      I’d like to set up a place very remote. And would appreciate a guy or two who knows about prepping and survival in nature whos positive. To help out coordinate with
      Making a remote place. To get away from the city. Will tell anoit location of that once I trust you. Must be a positive person and never violent to group members. Always good communication skills.

  1. do you know of any groups down in san diego……

  2. I am interested in learning more about prepping and the possibilities that that might provide for myself and my female roommate. While the commitment would be mine own, as my best friend she would share in any benefit(s) received.
    I am prior service (Army 11B), worked for many years as a Security and Patol officer, I have my HAM license, practicle skills, personal protective equipment, along with a reasonable quantity of food and water, with the ability to cook the former and filter/purify the latter.
    Any information you’re able to share would be appreciated. I may be reached at [email protected].
    Thank you.

  3. Are you still looking to add to your OC group? I’m in South County and have been prepping for 5 years. I want to meet up with like minded folks who know what’s going on when SHTF. My skills include: food prep, growing. composting, gardening knowledge, gathering, building shelters, a pirate’s mind for problem solving and MacGyvering” repairs where needed.

    • Hi OCprepgal,

      Thanks for reaching out. Yes we do. I’ve replied to your email address.
      Please let me know if you got it.



  4. Hi , are you still looking for members? Im interested in to meet with survivalist group to learn u to help. I dont have special skills, but used to do a lot of camping before in my country(Armenia) and cicling. Was a sergant in army service in Armenia- speciality is radio communication forces trainer. Im in LA now. Email: [email protected]
    Looking forward to meet with you guys

  5. Hello,

    Are you guys accepting new members at the moment? I dont want to post significant personal information on here, but I live in OC and am looking for a friendly prepper group.


  6. Hello i was wondering if your group is still active currently in the inland empire area