Mar 262024

Warren Ohio prepper here looking for anyone in my area that has similar interests so we an network and share ideas.


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  1. i am not in your area but for the folks who are, what are some of your interests?
    I do freeze drying and gardening and a bit of solar power. and yes I believe we need to form groups for mutual aid and support and sharing of knowledge and assets.

    • I have recently started prepping and am very new to it all, I have 20 years of military experience so i have a lot of tactical and survival skills. I hope to find some people in Northeast Ohio to network with.

      • sounds excellent and good luck linking up with others. You might have to start your own group. I have schedualed a lunch get together at a neutral place here where I live and am putting up notices and trying to let people know.. If you run into anyone who wants to move to montana we have a nice VA hospital close by and not many people. in the whole state. I also follow southernprepper1