Nov 112023

We are a married couple of 46 years in our late 60’s. We started prepping in 1984. Well provisioned, husband is retired Army, wife served 2 years. We have experience raising pigs, chickens and dogs. Some gardening abilities with room for improvement. Some basic medical skills. Husband has basic construction skills and RV repair skills in addition to other skills. Wife does the animal raising.

Our current group is in a state of denial for the current events in the world and America, so we are looking to join a DEDICATED group who’s membership is aware of what is happening and realize we only have a few months at best. We currently live in western Colorado, but are very willing to relocate to a better location.

  3 Responses to “Couple looking for a group of DEDICATED preppers”

  1. Good for you for posting. i agree it is difficult to find many people that are awake. Keep looking and even start your own group with some higher goals as far as prepping. The future is certainly going to be interesting. Maybe even this coming week. Hit me up at [email protected] if you want to chat further.