Oct 252023

Looking to meet like minded people in central Wyoming.  Have small family, known as a jack of all with many skills.  Not a big socialite, but realizing to survive more than a year we need to look for a group of similar thinking families.

  3 Responses to “Central Wyoming”

  1. Hello from the north of you, Helena montana. Also interested in meeting and working with others. Time is short.

  2. Also in Wyoming, what are your goals?

    • stay alive and thrive. We house share with a young family and have a 19 year old still here after we got permanent legal custody of him when he was eight. We are old but have skills and assets.
      Planning on major upset in the nation and hopefully things will sort out and settle down in a year or two. We are prepared right now to be off grid and off wal mart for two years right now.