Mar 042023

I’m new here.
I’m from Montana.
The way things are going we need to get this done fast.
looking for like minded preppers in ,near, around Lubbock.
Presently working on Faraday cages.for litterally everything.

  6 Responses to “Lubbock”

  1. Hello from amarillo
    well be working on reorganizng a group
    but u may find one in that area


    • I think traveling to Amarillo once an EMP hits is going to be impossible.
      But having like minded alliances will be necessary to restore order.

      • That trek wouldn’t be impossible if you know straight away what the event was when it hits so long as one has a get home bag and water in their vehicle, they can take with them. The trek would be straight up 27, easy route, especially if traversed at night.

    • I live in Amarillo. Been looking for like-minded people into prepping and mutual assistance groups. I’ve been largely unsuccessful so far. Lived here about 5 years now. If you’re still on this platform, please reach out, it’s at least a start.

  2. well probly right,, im still new in here & learning! if i hear anything i’ll hollar at ya!

  3. I agree, things are ramping up rather quickly. If you’re still on this platform, there are still people looking for the same. I’m located in Amarillo.