Feb 082023

I’m not new to the idea of prepping at all, but I guess I never really expected to need to act on anything in my lifetime. With the current geopolitical climate, I’m afraid I may have waited too long. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to ask what yall think are the absolute essentials? I know to store food and water and medical supplies. A battery operated or hand crank radio. Other than that, what do yall think I should be getting together? I don’t have much money, but I can make it work. Also, are there any other preppers in the middle Tennessee area who might be interested in teaching me and maybe forming a group? I know how to grow some things and I have medical skills.

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  1. I would recommend checking out this group. There are quite a few folks in TN in this group.


  2. We are a small group that gets together at least once a month for training, idea exchange, and fellowship. Because we’re scattered over west TN, we alternate our meeting places so no one has to drive too far. We may meet in Sharon or Lexington or any place in between. You are welcome to check us out…

  3. Didn’t see an area of middle Tn. Listed .down around the Hohenwald area if you want to chat sometime .

  4. Hi there fixit, so I was just looking and there’s a group up in Clarksville and one in Dickson I think.
    It would be about an hour, hour fifteen from Hohenwald to Lexington. Our next meeting down there will be in April. If you want to, you are welcome to visit. I can send you a reminder with time/date/place if you’d like.