Feb 082023

I’m not new to the idea of prepping at all, but I guess I never really expected to need to act on anything in my lifetime. With the current geopolitical climate, I’m afraid I may have waited too long. Anyway, I guess I just wanted to ask what yall think are the absolute essentials? I know to store food and water and medical supplies. A battery operated or hand crank radio. Other than that, what do yall think I should be getting together? I don’t have much money, but I can make it work. Also, are there any other preppers in the middle Tennessee area who might be interested in teaching me and maybe forming a group? I know how to grow some things and I have medical skills.

  2 Responses to “Brand New”

  1. I would recommend checking out this group. There are quite a few folks in TN in this group.


  2. Didn’t see an area of middle Tn. Listed .down around the Hohenwald area if you want to chat sometime .