Feb 072023

Hi There! Im in Chicago Loop and yep, if SHTF ever goes down, Im gonna have a bit of a hard time to say the leaselol.  But that’s why we’re here, to be proactive. Looking to talk and connect with like minded people. If for nothing else, I am a good person to gather intel from what’s happening in the heart of the city. I’ve been preparing for 7 years and have some skills and knowledge.  Keep the racist & radical to yourself please.  I am looking for no agenda except surviving and thriving. Be well!

  3 Responses to “Looking for like-minded individuals in the Chicagoland Area.”

  1. Yoooooooo I’m ray I’m new to prepping would love to know what you know

  2. Hi CO

    Lol , Yep! That was me. We are speaking on the regular now. This was a post I created when I was orphan,- alone out in the wilderness. Glad you found me. Cheers.

  3. Hey I’m also near the downtown area. We should connect. My email is [email protected]