Prepper since forever. If there is one thing I know I was meant for, it’s to teach/help others with survival skills. The first book I read as a young kid was “back to basics “ and I have it beside me while writing this now at 44. Skills broke down by basic needs: * Water - locating non-obvious water resources by identifying trees and plant's. - multiple techniques for purifying and safely storing water * Food - planting, making natural and effective repellents and companion planting for pests, harvesting, storing and canning. Trapping, cooking and curing meat *shelter - can build a warm and cozy winter shelter with basic tools and scavenged materials, including running water(not in the coldest winter days) and toilet. Non basic needs skills * sewing, cross-stitching, quilting, weaving. *baking *Drawing/painting *designing and building furniture *basket weaving * Up cycling Skills I am interested in learning: *Canning meat! I would love to learn this with a fellow prepper! * welding *rendering fat for candle and soap making *tanning animal hide