Dec 162023

Looking to find like minded people in Lubbock, Tx. Either joining an already established group or starting a new group.

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  1. i live in lbbk & have been interested in joining an existing, if possible, group. i’ve been ‘adopted’ by a family here, since i’ve lost all my family, and we all are trying to get ready for a shtf event. however, no one seems to take it as seriously as i do. contact me if you choose to do so…..

    • Hello Champagne,
      I’ve never been a part of a prepper group or even forums. I’ve just been one that has watched videos & over the last few years, have tried to get into the life. I have the mentality. I tend to hone around the firearms aspect of prepping if I’m not careful. Then I’ll run off to the grocery store & get large bags of dried beans & rice to make myself feel better about it. I’ve lived in Lubbock most of my life except for the 13 years in the Marine Corps. But I would definitely love to have a group to actually be able to connect to & very possibly depend on when things came to their worst.

  2. Check out the West Texas Pathfinders on Facebook and Nextdoor.

  3. I’m part of a group, the leader is in Lubbock.
    [email protected]