May 022024

Hi there. Has anyone had any luck with aquaponic & fish set- up? It is something we are considering. One issue we would have is the intense summer heat, so it would have to be inside the house…

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  1. Passive solar green house. Five gallons of water or thermal mass per square foot of glass. Cold water species like cat fish blue gill. Soldier fly farm, azolla,

  2. since you mention intense summer heat and having to have the set up inside….Do you have air conditioning inside? and how do you power that air conditioning Just trying to figure it out.
    If you have grid power and want to raise fresh fish to sell it might make sense,

  3. Ryder. {OFFENSIVE REMARK REMOVED BY ADMIN} . The cost to air condition a green house would be insane. You use passive solar techniques and or thermal mass. To regulate temperature. Look at earthships.
    No one can make a living selling fresh fish. The only people that make money with aquaponics are selling lettuce or other cash crops.

    • Easy there, I have a thick skin but lets keep this really great source of connections for people civil.
      The OP mentioned his aquaponics and fish tanks would have to be inside due to intense heat.
      Therefor I assume he must have some way of cooling…..I have been to the earth ships and built dug in green houses. A greenhouse in the hot desert would heat up any thermal mass if it had sunlight streaming in.
      Maybe a inside grow box like is used for growing recreational weed and use the aquaponic enriched water to nourish the plants.
      I have grown everything from Ashwagana to tobbacco here in the rocky mountains of montana….Always looking for others who see the catastrophy coming our way probably before september this year.