Sep 082023

I am seeking contact with owners of active radio repeaters in the North Texas, primarily located in Kaufman, VanZandt and Hunt Counties. I and few others are using GMRS capable radios and would like to improve our communication ability using local repeaters. If you have a repeater or know of someone who has an active repeater in these counties, please share there contact information.  You can email me: [email protected]



  3 Responses to “Radio Communications: Seeking GMRS Repeaters in North Texas, Kaufman, VanZandt and Hunt Counties”

  1. Have you gone to MyGMRS yet? Best place to find repeaters and other GMRS goodies.

    I monitor if you’re up this way towards Tulsa.

    [email protected]

  2. Duh… WROT426 is my callsign.