Feb 192013

After I posted a reply to someone’s comments I realized what I had written might be helpful to others. Here in Mountain View, we had an exceptional drought that dried up almost every small pond and creek bed for miles. We lost five feet of depth on our own. So, one thing that is critical in thia area is a dependable source of warer as even wells can dry up. Within the next month we plan to re-locate to our retreat fulltime, safe in the knowledge that water, and huge Bass will be there for the taking.

After we complete our move we would welcome interest for a small group of people who might need a retreat to go to during the bad times.

Jan 162013

Hey everyone.  I’m Mike.  I have just made a huge transition in my life. I have moved out of California and back to the midwest.

Since I last put a post on here, I have decided that the Ozark area / Tri lake area is where I want to be.  I have been researching land and will be making a trip to the area to check out the different parcels of land I am looking at.  It is all between 60-100 acres.  It will have a water supply and plenty of land to build and hunt on.   Some of the land I am looking at is undeveloped and some of it has at least 1 house on it.

The main reason for looking for other preppers is because I believe in strength in numbers.  I am also willing to open up my land to other preppers to live on or use as a BOL.

Because of my job I am trying to get, I may only at the property 1 week a month or for a month at a time every couple of months.  I would be okay if someone just wanted to help me with the land and then use it as a bug out location if they ever needed it, however they would have to make a commitment to come and train at the location every couple of months and work here several weekends a year.

On the other hand….

If you are someone who already has land and you are looking for help to develop the space or would like to add an additional member of your group, I would consider forfeiting my plans to join a group that was already in place if you are in the ozark area.

I don’t bring much to the table, some first aid knowledge, wood building, security, radio communications, and electrical work are just some of the areas I am good at.  However, I am not trained or licensed in any of them.

If you would be interested in talking to me, you can also reach me at mturner826 at gmail dot com.  That is the best way to get a hold of me.   I look forward to hearing from all preppers in the area and maybe we can do lunch sometime and exchange contact info.