Sep 222012

Class will be instructed by Tony Nester of Ancient Pathways, LLC.  Tony is a recognized expert in his field, he has extensive military training obligations for our troops, he is published many times over, and has agreed to teach a class in our area.  The class is intended to prepare you and your family to survive an urban disaster, either natural or manmade.  Hands-on instruction focuses on both the short-term situations ranging from 24 – 72 hours, and long-term survival resulting from a grid-down situation or pandemic.  The class includes instruction, a copy of one of Tony’s books (Surviving a Disaster), an evacuation planning workbook along with supportive materials.  The class will run from 9 to 5 on the 17th of November. If the participation warrants then an additional class may be held on November 18th.  Phil 505-331-2120