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Looking for MacGyver

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Aug 112016

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We have 43ac located in north east AZ a top a mesa in the wilderness high desert.  Are looking for a prepper… single, couple, or family who are lovers of life and creation.  Who would like to be a part of our extended family (at present we have no others living on the property with us and are in a unique situation and place).  Because of where the property is located you will need a strong vehicle with high clearance and not have the need to run to town everyday. It’s not your normal living situation and requires some out of the box thinking.  The property is only 9 miles from pavement… but???  it takes 40 minutes on a good day to make that 9 mile drive.  Its not the worst road we’ve ever been on but it’s not for the faint of heart.   The place is off grid and “rustic,” it isn’t fancy nor does it have any amenities unless you consider animals, trees and strange people “amenities.”   Closest neighbor is about 160 ac. or more away. If you like to write there are stories in the land and trees, the people.  And if you listen to the voice in the wind… you will find opportunity for your spirit to connect to the creator of it all.  It’s beauty is in its simplicity, quiet mornings and the star filled new moon skies.  The place itself is a preppers paradise with all kinds of stuff laying around that was collected to that end (pun intended).  If you like to build stuff and are creative there are all sorts of possibilities.

Honesty and integrity are words we live by and would like others who share those values to a fault.  We have lots of land and stuff up here as well as skills to share… for the right people we have a heart to share as long as sharing is your heart also.

Look forward to meeting you and working together toward a common goal and purpose.

You may contact us here: caretakers (at) bashanwildernessretreat (d0t) com

Blessings to all… for your preparations!