10 year contractor, previously a structural technologist and bobcat operator. 2 years with the Canadian Forces as a combat engineer. Grew up on a farm for sheep, chickens, and geese. Kept wood fired heat that whole time. Tired of working for companies that don't value experience or quality, seeking a community that does. Absolutely NO Religious Types welcome - the Catholic church destroyed and abused my ancestors and it's just another sect of Abrahamic religions like the Muslims and Jews. All of which were documented slave owners and child molesters - traditions my ancestors never took part in.

Dec 292020

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Not even a mile from the Bay of Fundy is 100 acres of farmland atop a hill in a microclimate capable of supporting a vinyard. There are 5 septic tanks, 2 wells, a house, two outbuildings of sufficient quality to be upgraded into housing, and many storage sheds. Lot rental is available if other (material and/or skill) contributions are not.

Only seeking people who know society can operate without political middlemen skimming our efforts, and who do not need a guidebook or a whip to be decent and honourable to one another. My ancestors, who lived without slavery and rampant disease for millennia, were decimated in the name of Abraham’s god – and so practitioners of Christianity, Satanism, Islam, and Judaism are not welcome here for anything but making amends, and they certainly won’t be allowed to live here.

If this still interests you – email my pseudonym at [email protected] or text 902-702-5145 and we can talk about securing a future for the next seven generations.