Hello. I have been frugally-minded my whole life. I cook the majority of what I eat. I prefer to recycle or repurpose whenever practical. These last few years I have been developing my gardening skills on my suburban property. Hopefully this harvest season I'll be able to add canning to my food storage skillset. I compost as well. I practice martial arts for health, meditation, and self defense. I also have some bushcraft skills. Eventually I'll sell my property in favor of something more off the grid in a more reasonable state. What I'm seeking here are individuals interested in a secular, self-sustainable community in the United States.

Jul 212018

Hello, I’m looking for a non-religious prepper group in the Chicagoland area.  I have been teaching myself how to garden, compost, freeze foods, and the like for a few years now.  I have a variety of survival skills and know how to make due with less.  Canning, rainwater collection, and drip irrigation are on my list of skills to develop next.  Thanks.