Apr 022016

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Hello everyone, I am looking to start interaction  with some “like minded” people that live around my area.  Although I have some contacts already, this internet, synergy, blogging thing is new to me.  I will try to summarize some details that describe who I am in the upcoming sentences.  For starters, I am close to my mid 40’s and work out 4 to 6 days a week. My wife and I are both in the medical field and the parents of 2 wonderful sons.  Give or take a year and they are around 10 years old.  The Blue Ridge Mountains are very addictive and my family is always hiking, fishing, hunting, or camping every moment we can. This may sound a bit strange but the mountain’s tug at my being and I am happiest when I am in them.  Unfortunately, my occupation is lucrative but extremely demanding and takes the vast majority of each day.

I started my prepping mindset in the year 2007.  Every week I would go to Walmart and buy 1050 rounds (2 value pack boxes) of Federal 22LR  for $37.94.  The preps moved onto different calibers and I started upgrading some of my reloading equipment.  Obama was elected and all hell broke loose.  It started in ammo, moved to guns, magazines, then to primers and powder, etc.  Stocked up and with no fear compared to the rest of the nation, I realized that prepping specific items would be essential for the years to come.

Somewhere along 2006 to 2007, I took my first defensive handgun course in West VA.  Lets just say I was hooked!!!  One course led to another, then another to the point I have now taken around 9 courses from pistol to precision rifles and everything in between.  I try to take at least one course a year to refresh the drill skills.  Without question, my favorite style of range time is long range shooting.  Over the years, I invested in several custom rifles with scopes of equal expense or more.   A precision rifle cannot be utilized to the fullest unless the barrel harmonics and optimization of the ammo has been evaluated.  What that means is I have spent hours and hours at my reloading bench then collecting trigger time.  On the norm, I get about 50 to 100 rounds down range about every 2 weeks depending on what firearm I feel the urge to take with me.  For those of you that know the lingo, I am a sub MOA shooter with my precision weapons.

My personality is one that is extraverted.  In my occupation, I am in an Alpha position and have numerous employees that need my help/guidance every day.  I naturally migrate to people that are genuinely nice, knowledgable, and where an unspoken respect can be established between us simply because I like them.  On the other hand, my fuse is pretty short for people that reek of arrogance, drama, self righteousness, laziness, and entitlement.

Lastly, I have made some mistakes in the past “regarding preps” but have learned what is cost effective verses wasted money.  There’s so much to learn that it takes years to develop experience.  Unfortunately, everybody wants to offer advice but at least 95% of the people just regurgitate Bull Shit they have heard in hopes of trying to impress.  I can honestly say I am pretty proficient in hunting, fishing, marksmanship, moderate gun smithing, and gardening.  My wife has other sought after skill sets that make her extremely valuable.  If we sound like the kind of people you would like to meet, then reply to this post and we can plan something over coffee.