Apr 272017

hi all,

fairly new to prepping ive gotten the gear and knowledge to increase my chance of survival. i do however need to find people and establish connections and resources so if anyone wanted to get in touch message me on lukewaller02 [at] gmail [dot] com

Mar 182017

Looking for fellow preppers on the gold coast.

I live on the GC but I also I have 40 remote acres in the Huon Valley in Tasmania. It is 4WD access only.  It’s already set up with solar and completely off the grid.

I am looking for fellow preppers around the gold coast who would like to hedge their bets with two locations

If you’re interested post a comment and we’ll talk more

Feb 242017

Hi there, my friend and I are new to prepping. We believe pole shift is happening around end of 2017 and are scrambling with research and trying to get our stuff organised. Would really appreciate any survival tips or any groups looking for more people to add. We live in Brisbane xx

email: shell_mmn at hotmail dot com

Send tips over PM or email.

Feb 232017

Hi Everyone

I recently moved to western sydney and was hoping to talk with other like minded people in the hope of sharing ideas and skills with the potential of starting a group where plans can be strengthened to ensure safety i Ln the event of something happening.

I have been prepping for a while now with the main focus being on food, water and learning more skills.

I’m now looking into land options and hoping to find a few others who wish to discuss ideas and options and look at doing this as a group. Safety in numbers.

If you want to have a chat please email me.

Sebastianrichardson81 [at] gmail [dot] com


Jan 182017

Simply put we are in trouble ,

Greed of ggovernment and such . I would like to have contact with people who truly understand the situation.

From issue’s ranging from economic down trun to out right collapsing money system , solar flare damage , pandemic or man made bio weaponry release,  yes I mean this but not in the next couple of years , maybe around 2029    , black dwarf star that is what most would call nibiru,  but before that many other things if you .

UNDERSTAND the situation that ice age takes little time , less a decade to be full blow iceages . I am lucky to live on off grid place with many good things already in place .

I understand to is only in in company of like mind people can I survive what is likely to the hardest time this earth will ever see .

Leave post or email look forward to chatting with those who have some insight into sciences and understanding


Davidgrissim      at    gmail   dot       com    is email address

Jan 012017

Greetings from Down Under

 Been a prepper for some years without really knowing what one was! Generally just a fellow who is going back to a simpler life that includes being as self sufficient as possible. Have a background in farming and most associated skills. Outdoorsy type who likes to hunt and fish. Would very much like to correspond with anyone, male or female from anywhere, who wants a penfriend to just chat in general and bounce ideas off. I do have a 600 acre retreat in the mountains of Southern New South Wales but it is more a hunting, fishing and relaxing block of bush. Will eventually relocate from the city to the South Coast but will always keep that retreat! Not at the moment interested in forming or joining a group but happy to chat and even meet with anyone and of course keep all options open. I have been to the US twice – Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona (have friends in Arizona) and plan to go back.

Kindest Regards


Dec 152016

Hi fellow Preppers!

I’m looking to connect and I’m in the inner Northern suburbs of Melbourne. I’m early 40’s and a Carpenter. I’m interested in Prepping and Urban Survival, Edible plants, Home medicine, Self Defence, Wilderness Survival, Bug out strategies and concerning events in the World at large. I’d love to start a group and begin planing and prepping.

If you are like, gimme a shout!


Dec 042016

Hi everyone

I am a sole parent 3boys..2young men and a little boy. I’m concerned as I see things others don’t. I want a plan but everyone around me is ignorant to the mainstream media. Cyber attacks daily on researching truth..not conspiracy s. So I’m looking forward to hear others. I’m resourceful . farm skills. Great cook when not much to cook. I want to be prepped. Not a matter of if its “its” coming. Its when..I do have things useful for a bunker and land..no help yet. Or support or advise as ppl see me as crazy..and I’m not.. They are asleep

Nov 252016

Hi all,
new to prepping and would really appreciate some tips or advice about it. Most of you are experienced on this topic some are as new to prepping as I am. Live near the hills and am enjoying prepping very much. I make YouTube videos based upon preparedness in the 21st century and got some new gear to trial as well.
Any comments love to hear them,
Cheers Aussie Bushman

[Yep living in SA and in Mt barker for those who want to catch up have a talk and discuss about prepping and so fourth]

Oct 272016

I am in the process of setting up a prepping group for the Albany / Porongurup / Narrikup / Mt Barker area in the Southwest of WA. If anyone is interested in assisting, please contact me via comments below. I will be funding training etc on a regular basis for members under a donation principal only working on a yearly event calendar based around the core principals of food, fibre, shelter, security and medical with weekly / biweekly meetups at a neutral location. No one can survive alone, so lets get together and build a network.

Oct 172016

Hi I’m in gladstone qld Australia and I’m just starting to prep for whatever. WW3 is beginning to look imminent 😢 I plan on growing my own food and stockpiling also buying a cpl of Clydesdale horses for transport  but I still have a long way to go to be ready. I am hoping there are groups near me to give advise ect

thanks kylie 😊

Oct 102016

Hi from Australia 🙂

Thanks for the add to the Prepper Group. I joined the group as I am looking to chat with, share ideas and learn new skills from people around the world about prepping. I am particularly interested in prepping from an Australian perspective. I did read that there is a Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast Region prepping group and would be interested in hearing from any of the group members.

Regards Divergent

Sep 262016

Hi i,m new to the site and looking to meet people in tassie to join in on the info wars on how too’s … i,m finding it hard to find books on what to eat and what not to eat in the bush of Tasmania any one got a good place to get the right book for what ill need to survive in the coming events. i,m in the burnie area

cheers john . look after your self’s .

Sep 192016

First thx to the people that attended ganungra it was special you don’t meet people like that everyday thx c your a legendary sole …

OK Saturday another get together all welcome but if your not serious please don’t contact me this is a group who’s not mucking around we have a fantastic location and are in the process now of bugging out in stages our site is nnsw and to be on there by Xmas please contact me if tour interested no cost byo on the spit at main beach starting 11 finish 5 but will go on till Sunday lol

Sat 24th sept  the spit main beach gold coast 10 till 5 rsvp Friday Robbydavey0 [at] gmail [dot] com

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Aug 262016


I’m wanting to meet and network with preppers around Perth, WA (preferably north-eastern suburbs).

I’m not Christian and am not looking to buy into anything, just want to get to know and share ideas with locals of a similar mindset.

My main skill areas are horticulture, first aid and animal husbandry. I’m also an avid hiker, camper and horse rider/trainer.


Aug 142016

Hey guys just wondering if there’s any like minded folk in Sydney.

I’ve been a prepper for 10 years and I am looking to establish some decent and trustworthy connections in Sydney.

I’ve recently returned from overseas so I had to leave all my stuff behind and I am starting again bare, though that doesn’t bother me so much because I don’t really need the fancy gear.

Anyway if you’re interested email me on leok28784[@]hotmail[dot]com


Jun 292016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hey Everyone.

I started to prep a while ago as I came to the realisation that something catastrophic is bound to happen and it’s time to make sure that I’m prepared and able to get through whatever may happen.

I have just recently acquired a 100acre property approximately an hours drive from Toowoomba where I am planning to build a completely off grid self sustainable residence for myself and few other like minded people.

I am hoping I can find at least one other person in the area who would be interested in doing this together.

My goal is to have a large enough residence to house a group of people working together to sustain life after the SHTF.

I’d rather not discuss the full details on here of what I have already done and the full preps I have so far but if this is something anyone is interested in being a part of then please message me on here.


Jun 242016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Looking for like minded individuals to start/join a community for the hard times coming in preparation for the New World.

Community, location & individual attributes/contributions will be the deciding factors for survival.

Applicable skills such as; Horticulture, Medical expertise, Self defence, Survival skills, etc, are priceless.

“The best way to predict the future is to create it”.

West Sydney Region, NSW, Australia.

Please contact me via email valqrie7 [at] gmail [dot] com

Jun 222016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.


Im fairly new to prepping but have been reading up on pole shift and since there have been lots of indications that something is up im looking more seriously into what options are out there and how i could contribute in a preppers community. I have healthcare experience and im going to be purchasing some health related survival gear as I feel thats the best thing i could contribute in a pinch. I dont have the option to purchase land in any case money will soon be worthless anyway so does that really matter? Im keen to contribute, live in the Sydney area and have one dependant.

Also looking to relocate to somewhere 200 feet above sea level and at least 100 feet inland. Rural prefered with access to natural drinking water

Im looking for prep communities near sydney, im not sure if your location applies but if it does i work in healthcare and i have one dependant. im stocking up on healthcare materials and medications and willl be keen to contribute. Email me at e7green(at)gmail(dot)com

Jun 142016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hi all lm looking to start or  join a prepping  Group in Perth WA Bayswater area or near by or would like to join someone (or people) who live on  A property or a farm cause there’s power in numbers. I’m a  Christian who wants to be ready when things go bad whatever it may be

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May 262016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

I’m looking to start a small ‘preparedness’  group / community- 5 to 10 like minded individuals from the South West / Bayside suburbs on whome we each can rely in the event of emergency or disaster.

what would you do if suddenly there was no law, no emergency services, no power?

something as simple as having no mobile phone reception accross Victoria – what would your plan be?

being prepared dosen’t have to mean planning for the end of the world, it can be as simple as staying safe in a crisis.

May 252016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.


brainstoring an idea here. I’d like to organise a network of investors. To build the ultimate bug out location in Victoria as well as a holiday retreat , food gathering station


Someone who can donate land in the highlands of Victoria. (Compensation for use land)
Find skilled investors in areas such as: building, medical, farming ,military
invest 50k +
Build farming , underground bunkers, food storage, communications, heavily fortified location
Holiday retreat
total self Sufficient
pm if anyone has already arranged such situation or looking to be an investor . And most important a generous land donor

May 122016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Looking to join up with family’s in nsw have awesome 20 acres next to national park last house on power would like care taker and sites for containers for 5 family’s only serous preppers need apply time is getting closer floyd and Jodie

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May 072016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hey guy’s!

If you are looking for other Aussie’s that share the same common goal, that goal being preparedness, then come over to Ausprep and have a look.

Its an Aussie owned, Aussie run and Aussie based forum where you can learn, discuss and live chat with other Australians trying to also become more prepared for what ever may eventuate.

I started the forum in late 2013 as i too had trouble connecting with other Australian preppers. We currently have around 450 members and over 40,000 posts to read. A massive variety of topics covering most things prep.  It’s a very realistic forum with the focus on realistic events and situations..Sure, theres a Zombie section (who doesnt like Zombies) but we aim for true preparedness based on actual past and probable future events.

You can also join in our live chat on our site shoutbox and talk to members from the top end, down to Melbourne. From Sydney across to Perth. Our member base covers most corners of Australia, both remote locations to heavily populated city areas.

It’s a real community feel and if it interests you, jump on over, sign up and become involved. There’s no catches, no charges and no limit to your interactions. Become as involved as you feel comfortable ir simply sit back and take it in . Theres no cost what so ever,  it’s completely free.

I hope to see you there,

Good luck in your preparedness!


Apr 192016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Im 25 single been studying and testing for off grid survival for about 5 years off and on, the family house is currently for sale and we are moving rural , to go off grid , hopeing it sells the sooner the better , a few acres near a river an hour from a city so i can still work while establishing permanent off grid , does anyone know if bunkers can be brought in Australia ?, ive looked around but cant seem to find much ,  the housing on the property will be made of seacontainers , i wonder how hard it would be to reinforce a sea container and bury it undergound , i can weld , shoot hunt , grow veggies etc, use hydroponics , grow fish and marron, but im second guessing the fish part from the amount of water thats used , probably just veggies , chooks and canned food ,  currently waiting for a gun liscense is taking forever !, does anyone have any ideas for a sniper tower , or self defense for the property ?, PM me thanks

Apr 182016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

My partner and I have began to prepare things are slow going due to funds but we have been studying this for quite some time. I have created a Facebook group call Melbourne/Australian Preppers; please feel free to join and share your experiences and ideas. Thanks
Good luck all

Mar 262016

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Hi everyone. Im new to this site but have been prepping for over 10 years. Im considering starting a private facebook group for WA preppers. If anyone is interested please let me know and il get on to it immediately.. also if there are any other groups in WA could you please let me know.

Cheers people. Be safe and take care out there. Continue reading »