Jan 052019

Are there any out there? Would like to connect if possible. Looking for a safe house for single women, have been prepping can bring skills to the table. But the more in numbers will make light work. Or help fortify this home, in a rural area. PM me please

Oct 172016

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I am a prepper and am interested in like-minded Christian preppers to share my skills and place to live.



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Oct 162016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Time is short …. but my skills are excellent. I know how to make a garden, handle a wood stove, feed the pigs, milk the cow and gather the eggs. Even drive a tractor, use and make homemade bread and carmel rolls. Apple pie, can food and butcher.
If anyone needs a helper anywhere I am aware of the urgency. Do connect with me, maybe on facebook.

Sioux Falls area

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Sep 252016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

hello. my wife and I and two young children are seeking a group in the areas in title. My sights are set on sheridan, wy area and pierre, sd area.  We are open to other areas.  Perference to areas with all four seasons with some lean toward a cooler climate (to keep the crazies out 🙂 ).  I am construction management/inspection by trade with background in agriculture. I have my own tools to build a house. I am not a professional licensed engineer but know enough about civil engineering principles to do just the type of work that would typically be involved in homesteading (houses, roads, etc). I’m interested in finding a group that wants to develop a christian based community (not necessarily all christian but hold to those values). I believe the founders of this country had things kicked off in the right direction, but greed and corruption (as is typical with all human based governments) have settled in and ruined what was originally good. we would like to have a couple acres to build a house and sustainably farm. My house building and farming techniques are not typical for america, but are what I believe to be the best of modern technologies and sustainability (CEB/earthship, ECHO). Please give me a shout joshuandstacy at G male dot com or respond to this post.

Aug 282016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Our family (of 4 possibly 5) is realizing that things are heading downhill fast and is looking for a likeminded community or small group to connect with.  We are praying to find someplace that can allow us in based on what an asset we can be and not the money we can bring.  We wish to relocate to Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, N. Nebraska, but preferably somewhere out West since it is less populated (Montana, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, North or South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah). We are choosing not to remain in Tennessee. We know the SHTF soon and we want to take action now. So far we have a few books, some food, and our BOBs. We know time is short and are hoping to make this change soon. We also know that it will not be easy work and it will be WORK…..we understand that and wouldn’t expect it to be worth it if wasn’t.

Skills we can offer…. My husband is a mechanic (auto and diesel), knows flooring, carpentry, meat cutting, gardening, firearms, how to live  in the woods, hunting and fishing, self-defense, cooking (indoor and out), has been known to pull a MacGyver now and then, childcare, some medical, and he even does laundry. I can bring the basic household duties but I have also worked many jobs and can probably do it all except weld or drive a semi (but I haven’t tried those yet either), I have cleaned stalls, worked in food service, Amazon fulfillment, MANY factory jobs, office jobs at a college and a tax office, customer service positions, and traveled with a carnival a friend owns. My daughter just graduated in May 2016 and has her first real job at Amazon, but she has always helped my uncle at their place with the garden, grass cutting, and just following him around helping. My son is starting high school this year.

In all honesty, I’M SCARED AS HELL OF WHAT IS TO COME!!!!!!!! While I have no doubt that my husband will do whatever it takes to protect us, I know that we need more training and help to make it. We are not financially blessed by any means, he works a decent job, and I am unemployed, making the other income to the household an SSI check and child support. I am scared for my children and the future that is in front of them, especially my son. I see these things of how they want to “weed out” the weak, disabled, and elderly, and it frightens me as to what could happen to him. We have thought of all the options we have when the time comes and some of them frighten and hurt me. We currently live just outside of Chattanooga, but it is just over the mountain in our backyard, and those folks are going to be heading somewhere to try to survive….

We do not want to hide any information from you, so you ask and we will tell. We have no roots here, and have been looking to leave for a while, but have stayed just because it’s where my kids have always gone to school. I pray that things do not occur the way everyone is saying, but all the signs are pointing in that direction. I get bombarded with emails daily about the coming things and at times I am ready to give up because I just don’t know what to do. I know the Lord says to trust in Him in all things, but it is hard for me sometimes and that scares me too. You can reach us at live4future17[at]gmail[dot]com we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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