A warning about Internet predators targeting preppers

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A warning about Internet predators targeting preppers
Jul 172017

The online prepper community is, like the rest of the Internet, the target of scammers & predators. From time to time the admins here are made aware of people posting on the site who are targeting preppers in the hope of selling them places in communities that don’t exist or real estate deals that are nothing more than scams. (There are also sexual predators known to troll online forums – so please, take all care in information you divulge & in agreeing to “meets”)

We do our best to investigate the warnings, taking the offending posts offline while we do. BUT, it’s not easy trying to get the facts from authorities re: ongoing investigations – or even getting them to confirm an investigation is in progress. Some of these ‘warnings’ talk about ‘a friend of a friend’ or ‘someone I know’ with little or no detail – making getting to the facts & the ability to verify any claims of wrongdoing by the poster, almost impossible.

So do yourself a favor – before parting with your hard earned money – check out posters before parting with any money. Ask to talk with others who are happy investors/members, ask to visit these places they are selling – do your homework! The Internet is NOT a safe place & scammers prey on those who are naive, desperate & afraid. Don’t be a victim.

We continue to try & keep this site as safe as we can, but predators will always find new ways to try to part you from your money!

May 252016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.


brainstoring an idea here. I’d like to organise a network of investors. To build the ultimate bug out location in Victoria as well as a holiday retreat , food gathering station


Someone who can donate land in the highlands of Victoria. (Compensation for use land)
Find skilled investors in areas such as: building, medical, farming ,military
invest 50k +
Build farming , underground bunkers, food storage, communications, heavily fortified location
Holiday retreat
total self Sufficient
pm if anyone has already arranged such situation or looking to be an investor . And most important a generous land donor

Apr 032016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Developing a Christian community and a nuclear bomb shelter (three-quarters complete) for a
totally self-sufficient community in mountains. This is a gorgeous location nestled in
between the mountains with good view of the road.
We seek mechanics, physicists, truckers with own truck, plumbers, electricians, concrete construction
personnel, chemists, welders,emergency medicine specialists,nurses, aquaponic farmers. We have dozens
of water storage containers from 55 gallon to 2000 gallon,running water stream, tractor,
SurvivalStill, concrete mixer,NBCair filtration system, deep cycle batteries, solar panels,
wind turbine,goats,ducks,chickens,turkeys,aquaponic and hydroponic systems, grow lights,
non-GMO seeds.etc. and expertise but need more of same and preferably someone with at
least $10-$20K capital. We are buying more land on top of the mountain. You can,too,if you want.
There are 8 structures on site. No, it’s not a condo complex !
We seek interns for Survival Training. You will learn how to make tools and weapons,
identify trees and edible plants,growing vegetables and nuclear survival preparedness.
We teach how to set up solar systems,wind turbines,micro-hydro electricity generators,
solar furnaces,bicycle electricity battery rechargers. We provide room and 2 meals
a day for 2 weeks.
Need backhoe and diesel truck ! Please contact me with resume,amount of capital and be ready to
move quickly. This is a team effort;no one person runs everything,but there is a Christian leader.
Please PM me if interested.

Contact either truefaith at jesusanswers dot com or willswebservice at comcast.net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.


America Will Be Invaded from Seven Simulataneous Directions- The Red Dawn Phase Is Ready to Commence : http://beforeitsnews.com/war-and-conflict/2016/03/america-will-be-invaded-from-seven-simulataneous-directions-the-red-dawn-phase-is-ready-to-commence-2460882.html
Look at “The Best Evidence for Planet Nibiru” and “Planet Nibiru Updates December 2015”
and “EMP attack by North Korea or Russia” and “TX68 atseroid” on YouTube.

Our backgrounds include Military: Navy,Marines,Army, fire fighter and TSA security,
emergency medicine/ nursing ,IT & Aerospace, electrical-concrete-plumbing-
construction, missionaries,entrepreneurs,automotive & business owners,
so we all have great leadership and organizational skills… but are not authoritarian,
bossy types. We many times use consultative decision-making.. We each can lead, teach,
follow or get out of the way as appropriate,and we want others with the same cooperative
Christian attitudes.

We have experience & skills in transportation,water treatment, RVs,nursing and medical
care, solar and wind turbines, site planning, carpentry, woodworking, electrical,electronics,
raising chickens,ducks,goats and rabbits,plumbing, mechanical and repair skills, gardening,
fishing, hunting (both gun and bow),cleaning & tanning hides,identifying trees and plants,
herbal medicine, operating chain saws & farm equipment, and one member is a former TSA
screener with a Military Intelligence/aerospace background who owns a drone and infrared
security system… a huge security asset for us! Two of the women are artists and make
multimedia art and furniture.
Contact either truefaith at jesusanswers dot com or willswebservice at comcast dot net
Subject: Tenn. Christian Prepper Group.

Mar 222016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Confused as to Next Steps in Preparing? 

The present facts of our current and emerging reality coupled with your gut-level intuition about what is getting ready to happen can no longer be ignored…we are heading for a major life-altering event. You’ve come to the unsettling conclusion that there are too many danger signals to deny.

Rather than waiting until you’re facing fundamental societal change to determine how ready you are, the wise choice would be to join a group that is serious about preparing for an event. We have been preparing for several years to shelter our membership and sustain our existence for many years afterwards at a secluded and secured location with full-spectrum provisions for long-term survivability.

Our 50-acre retreat has all of the needs necessary for long-term survival under any circumstances with all of the housing, agricultural, domestic/wild game, and energy technology solutions necessary for thriving and not just surviving.

Who We Are

We have organized a retreat community made up of hard-working and dedicated folks committed to preparing for an event. Many of our membership are former military so we bring that self-discipline and spirit of camaraderie. Skilled medical personnel as well as all of the necessary disciplines for all aspects of a working society are part of our ranks.

Our leadership team, composed of former military,  is guided by a 360+ page operations manual to support our members. We have also developed a separate 200-page Retreat Activation & Security Protocol which has been reviewed and critiqued by several retired military officers and several security systems experts.

Our motto is: Plan, Prepare, and Practice. Consequently, we have extensive skills, safety, survival and defensive training sessions with skilled professionals. An extensive list of training topics covers all areas of maintaining and further development of a self-sustaining and secure community that can prosper over time rather than dwindle and become vulnerable.

We are looking for team-oriented individuals that bring useful skills and positive “can do” attitudes to the table with committed families to actively participate in and further develop what we have achieved so far in the following areas:


There May Be A Place for You in Our Community

We are seeking additional skills to add to our mix. No anti-government types, militants or racists. We are Constitutionalists and despite a major concern in how our government is run—we are pro-America. Prospective members go through a vetting process that includes email interviews, telephone interviews, face-to-face interviews, as well as background and criminal checks.

Although we are secular, we are principally Christian but will consider all religions (or non-religious types). We are not “Bible-thumpers” but we do have deep moral, spiritual and ethical beliefs. We review our mission, vision and core values at every meeting and have a 12-page set of rules to govern behavior.

If you have been prepping for a while and want to affiliate with a well-organized, like-minded group in North Carolina, then ask for an application. We start with a phone call first. If we each see a shared vision and compatibility, we will share an extensive list of features within our community that we have barely hinted at in this introduction.

If your family’s security and safety is critical to you and you live in North Carolina, Virginia or South Carolina, contact us today and we will send you an in depth description along with a link to a video about the group.  If you are still interested, we can discuss requirements.  Contact me via email: sgtprepper2 (at) gmail (dot) com (sgtprepper2 [at] gmail [dot] com) to request more info,  an application and list of further requirements.

We are committed—are you?


Mar 202016

Warning: This post is older than 12months. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Looking for a place to live around other like-minded individuals, a place where you and your loved ones can make your permanent prepare in place home on 1/2 acre? Are you looking for a place to not only live and learn, but teach others how to live a new beginning on your own leased property?

A place is being created for like-minded individuals to share their knowledge and skills with others, and to learn from other experienced people who are already preparing.

Many are waking up to the fact that a myriad of things are beginning to happen and will increase in intensity in the short time we have left to get ready.

Anyone who has done their homework knows the safest place to be is away from the coastlines, and any land mass subject to liquifaction during earthquakes. A spot, high on the plateau of the Missouri Ozarks, on the backside of a mountain, was chosen as a safe haven where even the flash floods climate change is bringing will not affect residents living there.

We are looking for good, stable like-minded families and individuals with the necessary skills to contribute a self-sustaining life. There are openings for Animal Husbandry, Carpentry, Construction, Electrical (alternative), Gardening and Farming, Medical, Blacksmithing, Repurposing, Salvaging, and Security.

If you know it is time to get out of Dodge, that no one awake can afford to wait to build a self-sustaining life, and that there is more safety in numbers with other like-minded individuals, then contact us now for more information. You will receive an email questionaire to fill out and return to save time because as we all know……we don’t have much time left to prepare!.
kb233196 (at) gmail (dot) com