Nov 082019

Hello friends! I am somewhat new to the “prepper lifestyle” having only been really into it for a few years now. I still consider myself a newbie. My wife and I will probably be moving to rural eastern Kentucky next year and I’m looking for like-minded folks in or near Elliott County – either alone or part of an existing group – with whom to form a Mutual Assistance Group (MAG) or something similar. When the “S” hits the fan – however that might happen – those who are part of a group will fare better than the “lone wolves.” If you are in that area and want to chat, please post here.

I’m not much for social media and that sort of thing, but I thought I’d give this a try. I will try to check back often. Hopefully we can get a conversation started.

May 042018

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Hello, my name is stacy, i am looking for people to talk to about this and possibly meet up for groups..  i am new at prepping but have been studying religion and occult things for years. i do believe we are in the last days, all of these horrible things are happening all over the world! Rumors of wars, animals dying, etc. Prophecy is happening right before our eyes and hardly anyone understands it, its hard to find people that do. also wanted to ask if anyone else is experiencing synchronicity phenomena. as in triple or quadruple numbers, 333, 1111, 33, 11:33, etc. please let me know if you do so we can speak about it.

Nov 262016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

We are professional wilderness survivalist that are offering access to 22 acres and survival training to a select few in order to expand our prepper group.

If you have specific skills that can be useful in maintaining an off-grid community  in the Union SC area and can actively participate in training, we would like to hear from you.

Not many preppers have the skills to go into the woods and live off the land for weeks.  They are more focused on food stockpile and gear.  You can have all the gear in the world but it doesn’t matter unless you know what to do with it.

In return for your contributions to the group by work, material or monthly funds we offer the following to those chosen:

Permission to stay in our community should a catastrophe happen

Monthly, weekend training, events held every month where you will learn:

  • Wilderness Survival – Philosophy, Fundamentals, Emergency Shelter – Fire – Water – Food – Rescue
  • Primitive Earth Skills – Native Ancestral Skills, Natural Shelters, Friction Fire, Cordage, and Containers, Tools
  • Nature Awareness – Woodland Sensory Development, Stewardship, Rewilding, Nature Immersion
  • First Aid & Hygiene – Security, First Aid, Self Aid, Rescue, Hygiene
  • Tracker Hunter Gatherer – Track Identification, Tracking, Animal Habits and Habitats, Primitive Hunting and Trapping Techniques, Tanning, Butchering
  • Navigation – Map and Compass, No Compass Navigation, Pace Counting, Terrain Association
  • Ecology and Botany – Plant, Tree, Rock, and Animal Study – Edible and Medicinal Plants

If you are interested in more than being with a group that will get together and hide in a catastrophe then contact us to see if we are a fit.

Nov 012016

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It appears that most people are waiting for the outcome of the s-election. Regardless, whoever gets in, we are still going to experience an unprecedented upheaval. 30 years of research and studying have taught me one thing; forget most of what you’ve learned from so-called “survival experts”. Under normal conditions, their advice is accurate and right on point. But when it hits the fan this time, it will be entirely different circumstances. Scriptures will confirm that fact. Increase the odds of your surviving by hearing us out before making the final decision of where, what, why and how.

Contact us at: [email protected]

Oct 102016

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I am both looking for other like-minded people in the Northeast Ohio/Cleveland region who are interested in prepping just to talk to and to possible start up some kind of MeetUp group (whether through the app or not). I have seen that there are a number of people interested, but I’m just trying to gauge whether there might be some more serious people people out there before spending the monthly fee, and potentially getting random or simply curious people.

I, myself, am a longtime researcher and writer. I am currently working on a SHTF fiction series, as well as a couple other projects. I have studied and practiced many skills in regards to preparedness, but would love to get a diverse group of people together to meet up and cross-train, discuss, practice, and learn new skills. If this leads to people forming more permanent bonds, that would obviously be a plus for everyone. Most importantly, though, I would like to try and help get people in the area who are interested in any forms of preparedness working together and learning from each other.

If you have any interest or thoughts on this, feel free to respond here. Signup is free, so I won’t just give my email out on a Google searchable post… But if you leave yours, I will certainly get back to you.

Oct 042016

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Hey all,

I’m Tom, an Iraq and Afghan Veteran. I created a Facebook group that preppers and survivalists from all over the globe are welcome in. We share knowledge, answer each others questions and build solid friendships.

Everyone is welcome.



Mar 142016

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Family of three maybe eight looking to move with 90 to 120 days notice.

We are Christians.  My wife and I are retired and debt free with moderate monthly income (long as the economy lasts).  We are looking to prep full time and move to join a group or help start a group. We are looking to live a self-sustainable lifestyle before and surviving while thriving after any crises that may occur.  I am not looking for a place to hide and die but a change in lifestyle to get off the grid as we can and then staying off the grid.  I don’t want to work hard and dumb but simple and basic.  I have my own tools and equipment.  I hope to get (or build) a saw mill and backhoe.  We have food, water filters, some weapons and ammo and a camper to live in till I could build a living structure.  Hoping to build some type of an earth structure from one of the following CEB, (compressed earth block) Rammed Earth Bags and/or Adobe using the Earth Ship concept of a reactive living structure (no mechanical heating or cooling).   I am hoping to build a CEB press.  I believe biofuel is an answer to renewable fuel and garbage scrap disposal.  I also believe aquaponics is the only real answer to a year round renewable food source.

If we join a group, we will need at least 1-2 acres to build and live on. We want to help others do the same, we also want to work on the common area preparing it for the group for when it all falls apart.  I am learning more every day and by no means have even scratched the surface so I want to learn from others as well.  We have started converting our lights over to LED lighting, 12v rolls of strip lights in the old 120v light fixtures.

I have the material to build the roof for a shop about 40’x40′ using earth walls from local soil.

I have a wife, two sons, (22 & 30) a daughter-in-law, daughter (24) with 2 year old son and a son-in-law all in better than average health. No medications required for any of us.  All are on board for this.  We thought we had a place but it didn’t work out so we need to get out of the city.  We currently live in an irrigated desert which is running out of water.  When power is gone, the water will be gone as will civil order.

I am a Nam Vet.

We have building experience, some electrical, plumbing, welding, machine, metal buildings & roofs, mechanic both gas and diesel, solar hot water system, semi truck driver, reloading experience and equipment, certified gun smith (passed a test), canning experience with canning equipment and more.

I have worked relief on two hurricanes working almost 30 days with each one.  So I have seen civil disorder, marshal law and rioting with families who were desperate and not prepared at all.  I’ve also seen families who never missed a beat as they were ready for the natural disaster that hit.  12 years ago I lived at a mission base with my oldest son for two months in the Amazon without power so we ate meat only when we had caught or killed it.

Ten years ago we lived in a camper for one year on the road along the eastern coast from Niagara Falls, to Beaumont Texas then on to El Paso, then down to Las Cruces, N.M, then from Sholo to Sahuarita, Arizona while homeschooling.

We are debt free and looking for a group with christian values to connect with and then relocate to, which will not be a quick process as we will need to get to know each other (although time is short).  Don’t need decoder rings but security is an important point before we consider joining forces with others.

We have served the Lord for 21 years full time without a paying full time job so we do not have a nest egg or 401K so if you are looking for a lot of money look somewhere else.  If you would like to explore a Godly relationship with a hard working and honest family then we are open to more communications.

If you want to talk about someday doing something then please find someone who is looking to someday do something to talk to.

If you are ready to act now, I have much more to share but will do so in a more private way.  So contact me then we can talk privately.  Email me and I will send you my phone number.

email us at:

prepper (at) tutanota (dot) com