Mar 232024

The first saturday of each month at noon we will be having a informal get together and lunch here in central montana near Helena.

For the first saturday in April we will meet at the Grubstake restaurant and bar which is 10 miles north of Helena just off of I-15 at exit 200 or lincoln road.  Big parking lot for trucks and trailers.

This first get together is just to talk and see what people are interested in and what we can share as far as ideas and resources.

No registration or sign up lists and if individuals want to share contact info they can do that individually.

We have some skilled people around that are willing to share so if you have any curiosity or knowledge in things such as : ham radio, freeze dryers, solar power, generators, 12 volt well pumps run off of solar panels, ATV’s and motorcycles, gardening and seed saving, greenhouses, poultry or anything else connected to surviving and thriving in the current and coming times stop by .  I will be the grey haired guy making wire horses…..

I can be reached here or at [email protected]

We had the first montana get together..Great to be able to talk to others without worrying about opsec on the internet.

Next get together the first saturday in may. I will bring some samples of home freeze dried food and I should have an example of my $150 gas engined bicycle available for test rides.

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