Jul 052023

Relocating to Cedar Rapids in January. I’m a single mom of a two and three year old. I’m looking for a community that could help educate me. I don’t have much survival knowledge but I do have tons of info I’ve been researching and once I get settled I will begin buying the things I do know we need. I’m looking to learn any and everything I need to be able to ensure I can keep my babies safe and healthy.

  One Response to “Relocating to Cedar Rapids”

  1. Hi PrepperMom, greeting from TN. Hey, it sounds like you are on the right path, learning as much as you can. Knowledge IS power, and can’t be taken away, and as I’ve said, knowledge always trumps ‘stuff’. Yes, you’ll have to buy the necessaries too but coming here was a good move. In my opinion, the next most important aspect of prepping is community, building and developing a team, a tribe, a group of people that you can trust. You can have that knowledge, and all the best gear in the world, but if you don’t have people, your chances of being successful drop drastically. You have to sleep sometimes, so who is going to watch your back then? This site is great for info, but the community building process will be your challenge. Fortunately there is a host of websites to help you gather your pack. Get on several and get the word out, but, and this is key, don’t disappear. Post your post but check back a couple of times a week. There are hundreds of preppers, most don’t have time to be monitoring the boards for responses, if they are, they don’t have time to prep. FB has bunches and bunches of groups, mewe has tons. My first group was from meetup dot com. Buying stuff is the easy part, acquiring knowledge is tougher, but getting strangers to let down their guard enough to build a trusted group, whoo, now that’s the hard part. I wish you luck, and if you ever want advice, or need a sounding board…contact me, I usually check in a couple of times a week. I’ll get back to you asap.