Jul 052023

Relocating to Cedar Rapids in January. I’m a single mom of a two and three year old. I’m looking for a community that could help educate me. I don’t have much survival knowledge but I do have tons of info I’ve been researching and once I get settled I will begin buying the things I do know we need. I’m looking to learn any and everything I need to be able to ensure I can keep my babies safe and healthy.

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  1. I am relocating to Iowa – Cedar Rapids area. I am interested in joining a community of like-minded people who see, understand what is coming (already here), I have a solid skill set, knowledge of survival, tactics, food storage, water, medical, etc…

    I am well educated, prior USAF and Army, I was a Special Operations Instructor, Conservation Police Officer in Civilian life, retired now, bought a new house in Cedar rapids, will be there on January 19th, 2024.

    I will NOT allow anyone into my circle that hates America, is Racist, anti-God, or draws attention to the group or me. No criminal minded people. No whack jobs or non-skilled persons, everyone should have at least one solid skill set, or you’re just a taker and barnacle.


  2. Me and my partner are also looking for folks in C.R. Is there a group already together? Ill try messaging you guys on here.

  3. I know of no group in Cedar Rapids, I would like to meet likeminded people, who are sane. I will give you my email, do not give to anyone else, please. If you have questions.