Oct 022016

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I am a former army special forces medic. Have skills in security, defense, general construction,  some gardenibg and farming, small livestock, individual water purification. Designs for satellite systems, including tv, phone and internet.  Basic generator designs and alternative fuel, using rain water to power consumption engines

If you would like to discuss how we can benefit each other please contact me
I am in Illinois. However thinking of relocating. Texas, Colorado, Arizona,Wyoming, Montana

Thank you

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  1. Would you consider Michigan? Big cities everywhere are problematic but norther Michigan has some unique qualities worth considering. I know the common wisdom has always been go west but that doesn’t seem as practical as it once was with the aquifers dropping and perpetual droughts. Michigan is the only state in the country that has no natural disasters associated with it by the Geological Survey and also has the highest amount of potable ground H2O in the country at a time of droughts. If you are a ranger you’ll have company in our group. If interested hmu …

    [email protected]

  2. Please contact us at: caretakers (at) bashanwildernessretreat (dot) com Lets start getting to know each other! We are in Northern AZ off grid in the boonies.

    • I am in Flagstaff and struggling to live on retirement. I want to live in a very rural setting. I don’t need doctors or hospitals nearby. I have a spinning wheel and knit socks, gloves, mittens, hats, etc. I have mixed and poured concrete, worked a backhoe, driven everything from a car to an 18 wheeler including a dump truck. I helped my husband drill our own water well using a Deep Rock well drilling system. I bake bread, dehydrate food, grow vegetables, have Red Cross first aid training and was a First Responder in California.

      If you think I would be of benefit to your and your group, please let me know. I have very limited money so relocating may not be possible on my own, but I would consider it if it were a good fit. I have been trying to find a way to live off grid, but can’t do it on my own.

  3. If you look at a Naval Intelligence future map of the USA,
    you will find that most of SE Michigan is under water due to
    the New Madrid Fault Line breaking and there being a Seaway
    between the Great Lakes the Gulf of Mexico about 200 miles wide
    at least. On that map most of the Atlantic Coast is under water
    and in the West the Yellowstone volcano,one of the 5 biggest in the
    world, is about to blow up and there are many military bases
    out West so that is not a safe area.
    We are in the mountains of eastern Tennessee far
    away from the fault line and the Atlantic Ocean. You can
    see our group description if you query “Tennessee Mountain
    Christian Prepper Group. We are are well established with
    a lot of infrastructure with room for 1-2 RVs or rent-own cabins.
    Please get back to us with the Subject:
    Tennessee Mountain Christian Prepper Group and email your phone number
    so we can talk. You can email willswebservice at comcast dot net.

  4. I am a member of a small group about 2 hours west of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. We are all God fearing Christians, and will welcome good-hearted. If you are interested in the area and more details on our setup, please let me know and we can get connected. In any case, God bless you in your direction!

  5. Hello special forces medic please feel free to contact our group [email protected]

  6. If you haven’t found a group yet. I have a small place North of Houston about 90 miles, fairly rural and looking for qualified folks to join here. You can contact me at [email protected]. I have some really nice resources. I’m looking for Christian adults.

  7. If you have not found a group yet I am seeking to relocate soon and would enjoy speaking about location/tactics and strategy concerning survival theory in regards to location. Also if it works out right maybe something will become of it.

  8. If you are not already connected, consider in Tucson there are two groups of varying membership that more or less meet monthly.
    Southern Arizona Preppers.
    Meetings tend to be at the Mission Library and/or the Nanini Library, although we have now had three sessions at the Coco’s on Oracle just north of Ina.
    Oath Keepers for southern Arizona.
    Most sessions are at the U-Like Buffet, on Oracle just north of River Rd, typicall on the 3rd Saturday of the month, officially starting at 1300, but if you want to eat arrive earlier, aiming for the food to be done before the meeting. The local Oath Keepers is in the process of changing their online presence, so right now no direct link is available. If you want to be put on the email notice list let me know.