Jul 182022

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Greetings! Looking for Fellow Preppers in the Northern Virginia Area to connect and communicate with; share prepping knowledge, skills, ideas and hopefully build a Prepping Group or Mutual Assistance Group (MAG) (If close enough)

With all the Military, Ex-Military, Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)/Former-LEO’s, Government Employees & Cleared DoD/Govt Contractors there should literally be several dozen NOVA based Prepper Groups in these troubling times. Yet, I have been unfortunate and not found any so far.

I am Military (Still reserves) with well over 30 years with Combat experience from Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other deployments. I’ve gained extensive training and experience in Special Operations, Intelligence, Asymmetric Warfare, Military Law Enforcement, Protective Services, Emergency Medical and other Survival training.

I was also concurrently between Active Duty Tours a Local and Federally sworn Law Enforcement Officer in North Carolina (Ft Bragg) area, where I worked Major Crimes Investigations, SWAT, Sniper and was on the shooting team.

I currently work in the fields of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Defense.

I bring a wide array of Knowledge, Skills and Experience to the table but wish to expand and build upon what I have (Never stop learning).

I personally am located in the Eastern Prince William County area.

Please contact me if interested or know of anyone who may be. Thanks for your help and interest.