Jul 182022

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Greetings! Looking for Fellow Preppers in the Northern Virginia Area to connect and communicate with; share prepping knowledge, skills, ideas and hopefully build a Prepping Group or Mutual Assistance Group (MAG) (If close enough)

With all the Military, Ex-Military, Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)/Former-LEO’s, Government Employees & Cleared DoD/Govt Contractors there should literally be several dozen NOVA based Prepper Groups in these troubling times. Yet, I have been unfortunate and not found any so far.

I am Military (Still reserves) with well over 30 years with Combat experience from Desert Storm, Iraq, Afghanistan, and numerous other deployments. I’ve gained extensive training and experience in Special Operations, Intelligence, Asymmetric Warfare, Military Law Enforcement, Protective Services, Emergency Medical and other Survival training.

I was also concurrently between Active Duty Tours a Local and Federally sworn Law Enforcement Officer in North Carolina (Ft Bragg) area, where I worked Major Crimes Investigations, SWAT, Sniper and was on the shooting team.

I currently work in the fields of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) Defense.

I bring a wide array of Knowledge, Skills and Experience to the table but wish to expand and build upon what I have (Never stop learning).

I personally am located in the Eastern Prince William County area.

Please contact me if interested or know of anyone who may be. Thanks for your help and interest.

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  1. welcome
    im in Glen Allen area.I 295 W & US 1

  2. Hello,
    Relatively new to prepping. Wife and I wanting to learn more, and build an network.
    We are in Mechanicville VA the 295 & RT360 area

  3. Agree, it’s weird. You’d think there’d at least be loosely formed larger groups for information. I get that MAGs would be more tight knit but sheesh. Navy veteran married to a recently retired Marine. My current specialty in the preppville realm is food storage (current job is as a nutrition director) while my SO’s is security, he’s a Marine after all. I’m located in Stafford county and commute to NOVA so I pass your exit. Will try to message you.

    • hello, I have some laptop problems getting on here. Doesn’t hold cookie.
      any way. hello.
      s.w.m. retired Navy .no longer really care about T.S. hiding what area im at. I.295W & US1 area. im mostly into getting all my solar hook-up going. have non secure- BOL.2.5 hr. from here,both on well & septic & Grid.=There= no phone,internet.rural. medically in town for now.

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  4. There’s a self reliance expo Oct 29-30. It’s in Knoxville, though. Unfortunately there’s nothing like it in Virginia that I’ve found other than a Homesteaders of America conference. selfreliancexpo.com/

  5. November 8th still no one wanting to discuss things.?

    • Been on the lookout for local groups. Led me here. In NOVA for last year after leaving CA cesspool. I myself am former Marine rifleman w/ experience in GWOT OEF/OIF theatres. Spouse is nurse practitioner. Passed kidney stone in Afghan. Stuff is no joke! Hope all is well.

      • thanks for reply
        Glad to have you all on East side of Crazyness. Thanks for your service. im doing ok? sorta stressed .hate kidney stones,.. finally found a few ? preppers “Central Virginia Group”, met once,? and on PrepperNet, meeting first time this saturday Afternoon Bass Pro Resturant 2pm . just 6+ miles north of me (ashland). stay warm up there it was 22 monday morning here. appreciate the reply.i’ll try reply again.


  6. got laptop fixed working great now.
    Merry Christmas to all.