Feb 252023

48yo Husband and Pawpaw, Looking to connect to like minded individuals with complimentary skill sets for long term planning. Currently working on my COMMS plan and looking to make radio connections, to establish an Eastern Network of operators working on digital modes. I can show you how if you are willing/interested to learn. I am starting to renovate a second homestead during the next couple of months and am looking to raise small livestock. I have an Associates in IT, I am a manager of industrial utilities maintenance, and I have a background in all things mechanical. I have 5 3d printers at my disposal, as well as a full mechanic’s shop onsite. I am working on a Lora WAN setup at both homesites and looking to integrate it to a cloud server. I will have two gardens this year and my extended family is into rabbits and other small farm animals.

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  1. welcome;
    always glad to have new people. im just a single (city now) prepper in the richmond area .7 acre fenced in now as well, Nosey neighbors. no real talents But are setting up a few small Solar PV units for my self (no permit required.) shed 20 watt to battery & Led lights.a 50 watt panel on west side back porch.to 4 Lead acid Group 78 battery’s for Later, install emergency lights.
    have a great Day

  2. good afternoon.
    i tried a mylar bag on both my cell phones 1=verizon 1 us cellular at both locations here richmond. other place 150 miles away . it worked great maybe not a perfect item but it seamed to work.
    have a great weekend

  3. Hello, I am a heavy duty prepper, meaning i have been at it for a long time. My problem is lone wolf , just me, a senior and an strong 11 year old grandson, i am raising and homeschooling. Looking to unite with others anywhere near.

    • welcome Coffee;
      so glad to have you sign on.& taking care of Family.
      I’m alone as well.
      i used to be a Better prepper, health issues sent me to city prepping closer to hospital -now bringing preps here, doing a inventory in case i have& strawberry’s. Now that back yd fenced in, hoping to do better.
      take care. i’m in glen allen

    • I just came across this post. Similar situation. I know people who talk about homesteading or prepping, but they don’t take action. Very frustrating. You would think that after the last few years, people would wake up.

  4. Nice to hear from you too. Maybe we all on this group could get together somewhere, like park and talk, time is short and I, honestly feel time is of the essence. Anyone else interested, say so. Any questions from me needed, on here, within reason, please ask. Thank you.

  5. New to forum, not to prepping, kountry, lets try to meet ,say maybe a park to meet, get to know one another, time is closing in on us, please let me know if there any interest. I have been prepping for a long time, have lots of skills. It’s me & my 11 yo grandson. I feel time is closing in on us. It’s hard to go it alone. Thanks, Coffee, Let me know if anyone is interested.

  6. I would be interested in learning digital modes and getting back into HAM radio in general. Regards.