Feb 032023

OK y’all, I’m a Lone Wolf Prepper!

However, that wasn’t my intention down this path.

I know I need to be part of a group, a cog in a Grandfather clock. Lots of moving parts working together in time.

I just can’t seem to meet any like-minded individuals. I know the internet is full of computer commandos, I see them all over YouTube and hear their podcast.

So I’m putting myself out there to the community to see if anyone can help.

First and foremost, I have absolutely nothing to offer any group. I have no vehicle, no home, no money, no savings, no monthly income. I’m not homeless, nor am I a bum.

I work for food and lodging.  I use sites like HelpX, Workaway and WWOOFing to sustain my lifestyle. I am not a freeloader! I work hard each day, I just have nothing to show for it. With that said, every where I work, as soon as I get established I prep. Food storage, water storage, build vegetable gardens and compost bins. I can explain more in depth with someone personally if they are interested.

I know from personal experience that you can’t do everything alone. It’s impossible, we have to sleep sometime.

I’m hoping to find people who need help. Who can’t do it alone. I understand Opsec and trust needs to be earned not given.

I’m a 46yo single male, no kids never married. I’ve been a Ranch Hand in my younger days, I can run a tractor with a front loader, brush hog or pto auger. Fell trees, cut firewood, run a logsplitter, small engine repair, vehicle and equipment maintenance, rustic furniture builder.

I have been a residential remodeler, maintenance man and handyman for the past few years now. Pier n beam foundation, flooring, painting, drywall, carpentry, plumbing, electrical…

I can do a little bit of everything, I’m not the best but I’m not the worst and I’ve never gone hungry with my skills. I’ve always got a roof over my head.

If anyone is interested in an extra hand, who doesn’t drink smoke party or do drugs, who is quiet respectful, clean, tidy, organized, early riser who’s mantra in life is;

“A Man should be able to live and provide by the sweat off his back, the words from his mouth and trusted by his handshake”

I know the future looks grimm and  the faster we can prepare the better off we’ll be.

I’m looking for that forever “home” before things get worse. To put in some “sweat equity” to survive, live and thrive.

I’m not desperate, I’ve got places to go and work to do for the time being.

I’m looking for a “home”. If your wanting a slave or free labor or just a perfectionist hard ass, then pass me by.

Beggars can’t be choosers, but no Bible thumping Christian preppers either. If whatever you believe in makes you a good honest person, then more power to you. Just keep it to yourself though!

I’m sure this is a weird request, but I’ve been reading this site for 6 years now and figured “what the heck” I’ll give it a try.

Good Luck out there fellow Preppers!

Stay Safe!

Jul 042022

I live with my three dogs and eight cats on 380 acres of secluded, wooded, hilly countryside here in northeastern Appalachian Kentucky and would like to find others who are ‘animal people’. Although non-vegetarians would be fine – what I would never consent to is allowing hunting on the property nor the slaughtering of farm animals here. However, someone could grow all the veggies they want to or have any kind of pet they’d like… I can be reached at 606-738-5555 practically anytime. Or, you can leave a message on the recorder and I’ll call you back…


Oct 222021

Hi to all,

Bob here, nearly 63 years old, hi to all, I own a couple of properties in WV but looking for a couple of remote acres with a good situation and lots of trees, Im sure to get something by mid Spring. Im particularly looking in Western and Southern West Virginia at the moment.  Id term myself mostly an organic gardener and into self sufficiency, I’m no hermit really, I love (select) people, but am not up for anybody’s politics or religion, just not into it. I AM looking for allies, friendlies, people who like to barter and trade. I currently have about 40 muscadine grape vines, 80 mulberries, 50 apricots and assorted other fruit trees ready to go onto my next property and I plan to make it home—add some rabbits, ducks and chickens, it portends to be a great little mini farm.  Wanna be my neighbor neighbor?  You might like knowing somebody with a couple acres of orchard for a buddy.  Not really a militarist but I am familiar with things like C E T M E S and old school 1911s, I like steel not plastic.  Im Peace loving and a real sweetheart but no pushover.  Former DOD. Would love to know individuals of good character, couples or even a young family with growing kids who might like to come out to “the farm” and get their eggs and vegies. I need too. I have advancing arthritis, still can do a good days work, but its not fun going it alone and I could use a little help here and there, particularly automotive advice and occasionally somebody to babysit my homestead so I can go on vacation once in awhile. Hit me up. Thanks for reading. Best of luck with your project and be safe. Bob

Sep 102021

How would a person with no resources or prepping skills start to align with a prepping group? The ugly future is approaching quickly and I want to start meeting people in groups so that I might eventually join them. On the forums I’ve viewed, groups only want people with experience, etc.. Is there any hope of me joining a group down the road? How could I start developing momentum to make myself somewhat valuable? Are there groups that would currently network with me in person? I am in Kentucky near Louisville.

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Aug 182021


Two young skilled preppers (31 yo) looking for a group to join. We have a years stockpile of food each, first aid, ample bushcraft survival materials, and solar generator equipment ready to contribute.


Food preservation
Solar Energy solutions (with equipment)
Farming crop (with abundant seeds/staters)
Traditional herbal medicine
Foraging/deep herb and mushroom knowledge
Emergency first aid

Healthy and capable pair willing to contribute to and defend the right clan.

Willing to relocate anywhere predominantly conservative. We are believers, defenders and passionate survivalists.

If this sounds like a good fit please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you.

Aug 162021


31yo male and 25yo female skilled in fishing, food preservation, gardening, solar energy solutions (with equipment), traditional natural medicine and emergency first aid. We are looking for a group to join and contribute our skills to. We have food and equipment stockpiles. We both are in excellent health – are dedicated believers, preppers and patriots.

Willing to relocate anywhere predominantly conservative. Please let me know.

Aug 072021

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Hi I’m a father of 2 boys who are very young my wife and I are currently without property and are looking for 10+ acres in ky we are wanting to be self sufficient I have 20+ years experience for farming and livestock I do hunt and fish. We are looking for a group to prep with and extange ideas with.

You can contact me by phone 513-384-6949

Aug 032021

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

It is odd to me that this site does not have nearly the life and activity it once had, Considering the precarious times we are currently living in. Perhaps their is better places in which I am not privy to.           Regardless 
I am a Red Blooded, God fearing, American Man. A widower, Lower mid 40s and father to adult children who save my Father in Heaven, My children are my greatest love and deepest joy.
I own a small piece of very rural land and have lived an off grid lifestyle for a number of years. I have raised some animals lived off of solar and a small hydro electric system, and hunted for food never sport. grown vegetables,
Fact of the matter is I can not stay awake 24/7 and care very little for the lone wolf idea. I am willing to join a group I can go where ever needs be. I have nothing holding me to this spot as beautiful as it is,
I have everything I need all of my own long term food in bulk, more than most less than supper preppers. or to make this shorter I have the things preppers should have. I need one commodity only where ever i land and that is water.
If your group has security teams or personal I hope and pray it does. I am willing to pass any test you have be it solo tactical Pistol or Rifle or fire teams tactical courses. no matter if it is outdoor obstacle course or indoor shooting house,  Note I will only do live fire exercises or fire team drills with those i have seen have the ability and skillsets to do so as i would not expect anyone to do with me until proven.
If their are any interested contact me at [email protected]
Jan 032021

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

I am retired Marine, and Coast Guard. I was a Coast Guard LEDET 7, and TACLET south team member. I am looking for like minded people. Contact me at (270) 889-3174 Thanks much.

Dec 082020

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Calling all Preppers,

I would like to found a group in Winchester, KY.  I am in the process of leasing a private meeting space in a local office building.  It will be ready in about 4-6 weeks from this posting.  If anyone would like to attend, please let me know as space and covid limit admitance to about 30 people for the inaugural meeting.


Bring you ideas, triumphs, failures, and yourself.  We can accomplish more together than on our own.  The only limitation is the limitation of vision.  Outside the box thinking is encouraged because be honest no one wants to drink their own urine.


As our great Founding Father Benjamin Franklin once said, “Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail!”.

Jul 172020

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I’m a Christian woman looking to join with other preppers. I’ve lived with homesteaders and learned foraging there, which I went on to teach to others. I know the plants of the North East and Tennessee and North Carolina, can learn others. I can also contribute the counseling skills I’ve made my other career. I’ve done bare bones country living but as a healthy senior I’d prefer now some amenities, like indoor plumbing and electricity. If you have a community or just want to chat and exchange info, please reach out to me.

Jun 182020

Warning: This post is more than 18months old. Information contained in this post may no longer be current.

Hello, I am seeking like minded individuals in or around north eastern Kentucky to talk about a group or just to have as contacts. Msg me thanks