Jul 082022

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We are late 50s couple are working on our preps, one with an SSI income the other working a 40-hour work week, looking for communities that are looking to build their community, we’re willing to be vetted, if you’re willing to reach out to us.

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  1. Family with 5 adults age 19 – 50 looking for local group near Preble County. Stocks in place, including protection and gardens. We are reaching out to other like minded individuals locally to network for what is to come. Christian values, no criminal record.

    • We are in Charlotte area, willing to relocate if I can get work in area in security feild

      • Hi, just wondering if you’ve joined the Charlotte Preppernet.net group? Preppernet.net is a international group also, and they hold monthly meetings at a local restauarant where you can learn from others and network with people. I attend periodically, but there is a new group in the Lake Norman/Mooresville area that is holding meetings as well. You can find the groups on Meetup.com or Preppernet.net. Good luck, Pat M.

  2. We are in the Charlotte area, but willing to relocate as long as I can find security work in area,

  3. I am in Eastern NC. We have been prepping for almost 2 yrs and now have started a group that started with our church and now getting members from our community involved. Our Core Group of about 6 individuals started a yr ago because from my Military, Police, and Security experience to many “Chiefs” just causes confusion and conflict. The Inner Circle Rules the roost so to speak but is necessary especially in these times. Would love to share info and tactics and we are also members of Christ’s Bloodline. Email is [email protected] .

  4. Are you in the Charlotte North Carolina area? Lake Norman & Mooresville are in North Carolina near Charlotte. But Preppernet.net is national, and a few international groups are forming now.

  5. Hi, saw your note on PGs. Would like to chat and possibly meet-up. We have a group and camp in the foothills near Asheville.

  6. Homestead Prepper Camp now taking applicants. Similar to https://fortituderanch.com/, we offer RV parking spots, or reserved cabin rooms on our 30 acre complex. Limited spots available. email us at: [email protected]