Mar 052022

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Hi there, has anybody else been aware of the news? We just doubled down on garden seeds and storable food.

We are looking for others who have a real desire to survive the coming hard times and thrive.

We just picked up another motorhome so we have one available (31ft) for those who want to have a place in montana ($500 to buy it for the right people). Motorhome for now with fortified home when things go really crazy. Must enjoy working a garden and chickens.

We have resources and knowledge and we can be of great help to others who want to come together for the groups common good.

We are in central montana just over the continental divide on the eastern side.

Let’s talk.    [email protected]

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  1. Where are you located at? Montana native here.
    Love to garden and have chickens.

  2. We are outside of Helena. [email protected] Is one way to communicate.

    Look up proton mail it is a free service and a little less public than gmail. Or you can send me a message at the protonmail address from other email services.

    Time is short, there is a storm coming.