Jan 032022

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  19 Responses to “Building BOL group outside of Greenville, Texas”

  1. Why Greenville?

  2. Because I bought 13ac outside of Greenville.

    My selection of Greenville was for the following factors.
    1) Low price of Land
    2) About an hour from the Plano,TX Tech corridor. (work)
    3) Low population density
    4) Low probability of seeing explosive population growth.
    4) Large area of conservative people.
    5) Isolated on dirt county road.

    My question to you is, why not Greenville?

    • Sounds like all the good reasons, I am doing similar here in Montana. Further from people , still have jobs an hour or less away, VA hospital an hour away.
      Good luck with your venture and if anyone feels the need to move to the free state of montana send them my way.

  3. All very good points. I can see why you’ve made this selection. Are you looking to find like minded individuals to join you and expand needed skills or do you just want to discuss your BOL.

    • Looking for like minded people to create a group. Skill development is a key concept of the group. I’m sorry if I am vague, OPSec is in play on a public forum.

  4. Howdy neighbor. I’m closer to Fort Worth. Was considering going out west of SHTF, since the great majority of power plants are east, but Greenville is still an acceptable option! I’m in browsing phase. My BOB is pretty solid. Locked and loaded. How are you?

  5. Sent you a PM

  6. Hey if you looking for medical support I am your guy. If you want to talk let me know.

  7. Hello Greenville,
    I have an interest in your plan. I’m just up the road from your AO. Keep me posted. War-Dog

    [email protected]

  8. Husband is a Physician Assistant, and I am an RN. We are looking at relocating to an area around DFW. Let me know if you are still looking for people.

  9. I am very interested in beginning a conversation. I live nearby and work throughout DFW/North Texas. VET. Conservative. Educated. Skilled.
    Podaddyt at gmail dot com

  10. Also interested. Engineer, programmer, gardener. Conservative Christian, family of 4 with small children. American-born Chinese. Lived in DFW my entire life. Worried about world events.

  11. Hello all…

    Reaching out from Sulphur Springs….Not sure what BoL means but being here on this site means prepping for the SHTF type scenario… I am a retired Military and moved here for the same reasons that you stated… Currently I am rebuilding the prop with a new Wood-mixer wood mill that I just bought and currently doing wood working to facilitate some income… I am available to mill lumber for people should they need it for either trade or profit. Not to forget that I am also doing woodworking to the same end. All oak wood projects. At this point the we are looking for like minded people that are looking to be more self sustaining and keeping it in the community. We are also selling eggs or we can trade… Either way we are looking to grow our network of people to allow us to be more independent of the world as it turns to crap. We are also selling Eggs for those that might be interested. In the Future we will also be selling vegetables from the garden. As food prices sore we hope to find a community that is willing to trade or buy food from each other. Attached some photos of the wood mill and projects…Please feel free to reach out to me…. shawknawabot at gmail dot com……

  12. Let me know…. SGT Hill USMC special Forces

  13. Hi –
    My wife and I are interested, we live in Greenville and are looking to be a part of a local MAG/ MDG . I am a Senior Civil Designer and she is Accountant.

    TexasFred and RockyMtnTx