Jan 032022

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  5 Responses to “Building BOL group outside of Greenville, Texas”

  1. Why Greenville?

  2. Because I bought 13ac outside of Greenville.

    My selection of Greenville was for the following factors.
    1) Low price of Land
    2) About an hour from the Plano,TX Tech corridor. (work)
    3) Low population density
    4) Low probability of seeing explosive population growth.
    4) Large area of conservative people.
    5) Isolated on dirt county road.

    My question to you is, why not Greenville?

    • Sounds like all the good reasons, I am doing similar here in Montana. Further from people , still have jobs an hour or less away, VA hospital an hour away.
      Good luck with your venture and if anyone feels the need to move to the free state of montana send them my way.

  3. All very good points. I can see why you’ve made this selection. Are you looking to find like minded individuals to join you and expand needed skills or do you just want to discuss your BOL.

    • Looking for like minded people to create a group. Skill development is a key concept of the group. I’m sorry if I am vague, OPSec is in play on a public forum.